Wednesday, 11 November 2009

ticked off mightily

I am somewhat cranky.  I'm going to have to make an unscheduled trip to Morris and Sons to buy some more Jaipur cotton to finish the Llani top for granddaughter as part of her Christmas presents.  I thought  it would be close but this is ridiculous.  I still have another 4 centimetres to knit stocking stitch on the body and then ribbing after that.  Sleeve stitches have to be taken off holder, eight rows knitted, some sharp decreases to pull them in and then the edging.  I have enough yarn left for perhaps ten stitches.  My stitch tension is spot on and length is given in inches and centimetres, not rows.

In fact, what I need to do is turn it inside out and see just how far a ball does go by counting rows.  Then I can calculate number of rows left still to do and see if I might actually need two balls.  Must be disciplined in the shop, must be disciplined in the shop, must be...

I think these arrow heads are pretty but they were a pain to do in this cotton.  It's really a crossover of two stitches  and the cotton stretched out  and went sloppy no matter how careful I was in doing the crossover.  The outer twist four rows  could be done without the cable needle but the lower twist needed the cable needle.  With or without made no difference to the stretch and I was worried it might continue stretching as I knit the stocking stitch.  It's fine however.

I'm pretty well packed.  Yarn is in plastic tote boxes and clothes on hangers will be transported like that and re-hung.  I have a few books to pack and my emergency knitting projects are in a bag to pick up and go.  DIL is still packing away and refusing help.  She's right, she's probably quicker by herself but I feel bad about not helping.  So today I've done more cleaning of fiddly bits which won't really need re-doing.  I've been through the place with the very long Turk's head broom and got rid of a lot of spider webs.  I've also rubbed the broom over any of the outside windows which can be reached.  Balcony ceilings have been done.  I've dusted up high where we often pass over those areas and washed window sills and the little niches dotted through this place.  The large curved inside staircase has a beautiful polished wood banister rail, neatly turned to fit the shape of the hand.  It gets too much use to get dusty, but the heavy metal brackets which connect it to the plaster side of the stairs were quite grubby.  I think we probably inherited them like that, but they are now quite white as I washed them with some warm water and bleach.  I've cleaned out those drawers which have been emptied.  Hopefully there won't be too much cleaning at the very end which is heavy/messy and we will have the carpets steam cleaned.

DIL is having a day off and I think she needs it.  A friend's sister lives at Mittagong and they have gone down to the Bong Bong Picnic Races.  It's a beautiful day to be out down there.


2paw said...

Oh no, that is so very annoying when you need to buy more wool. The top looks so pretty too, and I agree about the unstretchiness of cotton, but the arrowheads look v v nice!!
Good luck with all the cleaning and packing. Your DIL is probably right, it is most likely all organised in her mind!!! Hope it is cool for you?

Lynne said...

I can imagine your annoyance!

The Bong Bong races sounds like fun and it was such a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I know it is a pain to have to buy extra yarn, but it will come in handy later if you want to add some length, as I t hink the width will hold up quite well for a couple of years. I had almost a whole ball of the serenity yarn left over