Tuesday, 3 November 2009


UFO alert!  Not the little flying saucers and I haven't been abducted by green aliens or beamed up, Scotty at all.

I've started packing and sorting my stuff prior to move.  It's a good few weeks off yet but time goes quickly.  After all, it should still be February and here it is November.  It's certainly hot enough for February today, the Bureau of Meteorology has Sydney's temperature at 2:00 at 36.3°.

I decided there must be stuff I don't want to move a second time and that I would sort things.  Now most of my kitchen stuff etc. and books are boxed in the garage.  All I have up here is some bedding, clothes for all seasons and of course my wool.

The first bag I picked up had a variety of things in it.  Now I could have sworn I knew my UFOs and they were few.  There was stuff there I had totally forgotten.  A cabled white men's jumper.  The front was nearly finished.  It was moth eaten and a good deal of the wool had already been pitched because it was mothy.  I think this dates  from an "earth mother" stage probably over thirty years ago.  The pattern was no longer attractive and I doubt it would now fit its intended recipient.  Not that I'm considering making anything at all for him. I threw it out and with it went some revived memories.

Then there was the apricot cardigan for some little girl.  That was acrylic and can't have been too old as I took the pattern from a freebie site on the net.  It was made in one of the better acrylics.  I'm not sure who the little girl was and I remember abandoning it because the pattern shaping went very strange and I found it difficult to work out where it should be going.

There were a couple of scarves, made to use up some remnants.  Again, no recollection of these, but they had obviously been abandoned through sheer boredom. They went too.

I found the large, plain triangular shawl I had started and left.  Don't remember why.  It had been better stored and was salvageable. It was made from Optim  and I will finish that although I may frog it and use the wool again in another design.

Now I do remember that shawl and had been wondering where it was.    However, the others were mysteries.  Now gone and I can forget about them again.

I have put aside some winter tops and will give them to charity.  Most of my clothes remain reasonably well sorted.  The needed to be because of lack of space. At the change of seasons I would go through them as I brought some inside and repacked others.

I've been working in the heat most of the day apart from a brief lunch break and was filthy.  I've now had a shower and washed away the heat, grime and dust and put on some comfy pants made  from an old sheet to an Amy Butler design from >In Stitches.  A much better feeling and I'm going to knit.

I've been perusing the floor plan of the new house and looking more closely at the photos.  My son is desperate to change the oyster style light fittings but there's not much else to do.  I asked DIL about the built-in wardrobes and were there linen presses.  Wardrobe in my room is more than twice as long as  the one I have now.  I'm sure this one was made for men's shirts and jackets or perhaps children's clothing.  Even my skirts can't hang straight because it's not very tall and everything is squashed.  More space will be a luxury.  The wardrobe goes to the ceiling as  well.  I'll have to be careful to work out what goes there.  I'm not tall like son and DIL.  He's 6'5" and she's 6' tall.  They wave their hands around and can put stuff really high.  However, kitchen steps may be my friend.  I'm 5'3".  When I asked about a linen press, not for me in particular but just as a general enquiry, I was told there were two and I was welcome to the one just outside my room for  my own use.

Talk about luxury, my stash may well get another good sort over the Christmas period.  It's a pity about the large mirror doors on the wardrobe.  Certainly I would not choose them, but I'm more interested in the actual space available than the fact that the doors are mirrored..


Rose Red said...

Oh, I long for more storage space...especially for the stash!

Bet you feel great after getting rid of and/or frogging some of those old wips.

2paw said...

Snap. I just threw out some sad almost knitted things yesterday. Very uplifting!!
It was cool, wet, and 120km/p/h wins here today. At least it wasn't hot!!
Happy sorting.

Lynne said...

Onwards and upwards! Or is it "downwards" in your case since you are moving from the 'heights' to the 'plains'? Nevertheless, you are moving upwards in terms of space - now that's something to look forward to!