Thursday, 5 November 2009

winnings and purchases

Here is my lovely prize from Selina's blog giveaway.  It arrived very quickly in the post office box and DIL brought it home this afternoon.

All wrapped up in some pattern paper were lots of goodies.  I remember that paper.  Sometimes it seemed as if it took as long to cut out all the pieces of pattern as it did to make a simple dress. You can see a lovely needlecase which I definitely needed and had planned on making.  The button on the case shows an old wooden cotton reel.

There was a cute card printed with her name and blog address.  Almost hidden is a piece of lovely chenille.  I'll have to think carefully about that but it just may become a cushion in my new room when I move.  The room is big enough to have a small lounge in it.  DIL has a small old Parker lounge which I'll probably use at first till I work out what I really want.  It needs cushions.

The fat quarters are great and I'm thinking at least some could be in a skirt  for a granddaughter.  Will thinks some more about that.  Old buttons fascinate me.  They remind me of my grandma's button jar.  I have some old ones myself and will add these to my stock.  When I look at them, I can envisage the sort of clothing they would have been on.

So, on to the purchase which also came from the post office box.  A couple of weeks ago I bought the cerise bag at far right of the photo.  It's an Ecosilk bag made from parachute nylon and totally recyclable.  It makes a great holder for  my knitting and I can pick it up and go, knowing everything is there.  I've been on the lookout for these for a while.  They are a good size and can hold 13 kg in weight.  I wouldn't be carrying them with that weight in them!

I looked on their website and found I could order them in packs of six.  With postage  this was about the same as buying the same number in a shop, although the pack discounted the price of the bags.  These colours represent Spring. The tiny yellow bag is a drawstring freebie.  I'm thinking lipgloss or similar.  They were all packed in the larger blue bag, also a drawstring bag, on the left.

Packing is proceeding here.  Moving date seems to be settled on December 16th but there's lots to pack.  I'm not looking forward to it.  I know some people move regularly but I've not been one of them before and I find it hard to handle.  The collected family Christmas gathering is on the 19th December.  We were tired of traffic etc on Boxing Day so made it early this year.  No idea of upheaval beforehand, unfortunately.  We can't easily change it.  We've booked months ago a large shelter in Fagins Park at Galston and it's going to be brunch.  I have quite a lot of presents bought already.  When I was packing today, I put them in a very recognisable container so at least I'll be able to find them.  Not much more to get now.


2paw said...

Oh you make me feel tired already with all of the packing you need to do. What lovely prizes and the bags are very cute. I hope the weather stays nice and cool while you have to be moving.

Lynne said...

You are so organised - well done.

Hope the preparation and moving don't tire you too much and that you are able to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

I've only ever moved once [after 14 years in one place] and I didn't like it. After nearly 18 years here I don't plan to do it again - I think I'll pay the experts to move me!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah - Ecosilk. I have two sets.
A pack of 6 supermarket sized bags, for, well, the supermarket. In a distinctly different colourway I have two of the big totes, in their own drawstring bag. All fits in the bottom of my handbag - never left behind on the kitchen table, or worse, the back seat of the car.
Lightweight, wash like a hankie.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Selina said...

Glad you liked your prize. Those bags look really pretty too. I'll have to check out that website.

Have a great weekend!