Thursday, 14 January 2010

laziness or something

I seem to be in some knitting slump as can happen to any of us.  I haven't touched my Shantaram sock in a week and today I did one pattern repeat of 16 rows on a scarf I'm doing.  Other than that - nothing for a week.  We have been busy painting here and my room will be done this weekend.  I think I'm in a slow spot after moving, Christmas and more.

I did however spend several days in Canberra.  Beautiful but exceedingly hot.  A friend and I had been discussing seeing the post-Impressionist Exhibition at the National Gallery.  We had asked a married couple, friends of his, to go with us.  Suddenly she discovered that it was this week or not at all for them as teachers at her school started the new year next week.

Friend and I left early Monday morning and met them down there.  We spent most of the day in the National Museum.  We were all interested in various exhibitions and it was air-conditioned inside.  Fortunately our motel rooms also had air-conditioning so we returned there after Museum closed for biscuits and fruit.  Both Monday and Tuesday nights we did not venture out for dinner till after 8:00 pm and when we returned at around 10:00 pm, it was still almost 40°.

Tuesday saw us having brunch at the members' lounge at the gallery with a friend and her husband from another forum I frequent.  I've corresponded with her for a while and knew we would fit well together.  What was good was just how well all six of us fitted together.  Her husband has a major public service job at the top of the rung, but was off on holidays.  We all had different areas to talk about but it was a really good time.  My friend is a fibre fanatic as she puts it, but does not knit.

The Exhibition?  Absolutely marvellous.  Go if you can.  Nothing beats seeing the original of great works of art.  Prints have absolutely nothing  on the original.  The originals have life and vigour not apparent even in the best art books reproductions.

It was crowded but people were fine about moving and not hogging the best viewpoints.  I saw a girl about seven who had the earphone commentary on all the time.  She was entranced.  Several very elderly folk with walking frames also stood entranced in front of some paintings.  The seven year old had a sister about four, perhaps five.  She was still asking her mum very intelligent questions about the art at the end of the exhibition.

We stayed there several hours and had an early afternoon tea in the lounge again.  Food there was ever so much better than the museum.  Museum had quite expensive "food court " type of food while the Gallery and the Library next day had innovative food, well presented and served with good coffee, all at more than reasonable prices.  We each went to different exhibitions until closing time.  When we were ushered out, we were hit by a wall of heat.

It was supposed to be cooler on Wednesday but it was just about as hot.  Two of our group had some research to do at the National Library so we went there.  We all joined up and I now have remote access to quite a bit of interesting material on varying topics which interest me. The others went home just before lunch, they had a longer drive than we had.  We spent some time at the War Memorial as my friend needed some material for a project he was doing.  It's inspiring but it makes me sad too.  There is no way I could go right through it in one go.  A couple of hours at a time was plenty.

We came home via friends of my friend in Goulburn.  It was 36° when we left Canberra mid-afternoon.  It had dropped to 16° when we left Goulburn after 5:00.

I did take some knitting but did none.  Time was taken up in discussion and chatting.  We all share similar academic interests and ideas, so it was good to get together.  We are also all much the same age, so had a great time diving into nostalgia in the Museum.

However, I slept in today and still feel tired.  I wouldn't have missed the Exhibition, it's great value and not expensive in itself.  $25 is the dearest ticket.  Tomorrow is another day.  I'm having lunch with more internet friends at Wagamama in Sydney.  Should be good.  Perhaps DIL will get to the PO box.  I see others have the next lot of yarn from Ailsa.  Perhaps this will kickstart my knitting again.


2paw said...

I am strangely relieved that you have had a knitting slump!! It makes me feel better about my slump.
The exhibition sounds so wonderful. We had Monets here a few years ago and it was so great to see his actual paintings!! Sounds like a fabulous social time!!
Oh it has been so hot here too.

Rose Red said...

I'm not surprised you are having a knitting slump, you've had a really busy time over the last few months.

Your Canberra trip sounds great (except for the heat!) - isn't it great when you meet people in real life and you just click.

Lynne said...

Your trip to Canberra sounds wonderful; perhaps it's the heat (and all the activity of the last couple of months, that is making you tired.

The slump will end; just give it time.

M-H said...

WE're going to the Exhibition at the end of next week. thanks for your review; I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm sorry your move was so horrible. I've never heard of one that went very smoothly in Sydney!

Rachel said...

I don't really feel inclined to knit either. Happened this time last year too, feel like picking up a book instead. Only problem is I need to finish a baby blanket by next weekend for a baby shower, may have to be delayed till the birth. Think everybody is feeling zapped by the humidity here in Sydney, it's not been like it for quite a while. And with everything else that's been going in your life. It's good to have a break makes- everything seems new and exciting again

Anonymous said...

it has been TERRIBLY hot here. I'm glad you had air-con to escape to!

I've been slumping too. It's hard in the heat to feel much enthusiasm for anything!

Dianne said...

Your Canberra visit sounds absolutely great, except for the part about 40 C. at 8PM! There's just nothing like seeing those paintings up close and soaking them is, is there?

I'd seen quite a few of them in Paris at the Musee d'Orsay, but many were new to me. What a treat!