Friday, 19 February 2010

bollywood blocked

This is a close up of the detail of the lace.  It's very pretty and the crochet edging is delicate in the fine yarn.  The capelet was done on 3.5 mm KP  needles which were bought when they were originally sold as KnitPicks.

I think I would have liked the capelet slightly bigger and I had planned on an extra pattern repeat.  When the time came, I chickened out.  I just wasn't sure about doing the extra repeat and casting off 264 stitches with the amount I had left.  I think I would have managed, but didn't want to have to frog back and pick up lots of stitches again.  I'd already done that once when I made mistakes when I was sick.
The colour here is fairly accurate although it's hard to see the subtle variation Ailsa has achieved in the shades when she dyed the yarn.  I'm very happy with these colours and think they are great.

Every time I pressed the button on the camera, a puff of sea breeze swung the hanger around.  I discarded about six shots, totally out of focus as they moved so much.  At least I tucked in the beginning and tail threads which still need to be woven in.

This is light and comfortable.  I'm looking forward to wearing it.  Mumbai premieres of Bollywood films perhaps??  LOL.

The bricks at the back are part of the brickwork of the railway line.  The wall is close to vertical and made of very old bricks.  It's about 10 metres high and there are blackberry fronds hanging down from the top.  Yesterday I could see a few bunches of blackberries.  Today they have gone, snaffled probably by a bird.  The railways have sprayed the blackberries but blackberries need several sprays and then a burn to have any chance of eradicating them.  There are lots of dead fronds and we have some green fronds shooting from the ground at the base of the wall.

Last one, this time with the sun behind me.  I'll do the ends tonight.  I haven't yet decided what to do with the lovely Mumbai Skies colour laceweight which was the last instalment of the Indian Summer Yarn club.  I think I'll let this one stay tucked away in my mind till the right project and recipient is obvious.  I've enjoyed the three quite different yarns and colours of this club and would happily do it all again.


Sue said...

The capelet looks lovely. I remember we used to go and pick blackberries as a kid and my mum got attacked by march flies. We all ran back to the car and she stood there trying to get them off her. Suffice to say we never went picking them again.

2paw said...

Oh it is gorgeous!! You are so clever!!!
Lots of blackberries went to the tip yesterday. They are so giant with huge stems. Lorelai Gilmore chews them: she is so silly. I can't spray them so they have to be cut off and individually painted with not very poisonous poison!!

Lynne said...

That is one beautiful capelet.

I drool over people's lacy shawls/stoles/capelets but I am not the kind of person who would wear such a thing. My one foray into laceweight was for DD's wedding, and even that only got worn for aobut five minutes to show it off. She didn't need it at all and it has never been touched since (except for one excursion to the Guild for Show 'n' Tell). *sigh*

... yours is gorgeous.