Thursday, 25 February 2010

brandywine begun

Well, any of you who thought I could not resist the thought of another shawl for my next project were right.  I've been sitting knitting Chart A of Brandywine, details in post below.

I mean,  I do have a very boring 8 ply scarf to finish which I drag out as a last resort and I have about half a lacy scarf with bottom border from Victorian Lace Today and the body of a stitch dictionary stitch.  They'll keep, both of them.

As I was knitting I was remembering the Brandywine River  and more from  Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.  It's been a pleasant time thinking over the books which I have enjoyed for very many years.

This is the first 56 rows, Chart A.  I don't quite know what happened to the colour here.  The centre stitch markers are definitely blue Clover markers.  But the whole thing is resting on my very white sheet.  Not that you'd know from the photo.  I'm putting it down to a lot of late afternoon sun in my room and a fairly strong grass green yarn.  This yarn was won in a blog comment contest late last year and came from Marguerite at Stitches of Violet.  She lives in Michigan along with metres of snow this winter.  The yarn is sock wool from Slackford Studio LLC, Stalwart Sock Meadow.  It's 75% wool and 25% nylon, 423 metres.

Just realised I hadn't put in some detail of the pattern.  It's patterned on both right and wrong sides.  I hadn't noticed and was sailing blissfully along the back row when something caught my eye.  Yarnovers?  Knit 2 together?  Definitely.  Nothing difficult but I have to watch I do these.

I'm excited.  My computer, an eMac is quite old.  It wasn't new when I was given it and I've had it 5 years.  Son thinks it's 9 years old.  Quite geriatric for a computer!  It's never given a moment's trouble but is beginning to show its age and  the hard drive makes weird noises of protest sometimes.  I'd never go back to a PC despite having used PCs of various makes for 30 years.  I just missed out yesterday on a Mac mini set up as a server.  Top of the range, very powerful and loads of legal software.  Still it was more than I really need.  Son emailed me with a super special from the Apple online store so I hurried over and bought one.  Free delivery in the next few days.  Son is arranging for a screen for it.  Next month when the bank balance recovers somewhat, I'll buy a new keyboard.  This one is sticky and is the old white Mac one, well known for getting very grubby very quickly.  The mini is mini indeed - 6"square by 2" deep.  So with the shawl, I'll have something to do while waiting.


2paw said...

Oh that's lovely, the green is so green!! You will have to knit and watch the three LOTR films!!! That sounds tricky, having a wrong side with pattern.
Hurray for your new computer. At first we had Apples in school and then they did a deal and now we have PCs so that is what I am used to now. I would love an Apple, but it just isn't going to happen!!!

Marguerite said...

I've been eyeing that shawl and wanting to knit it, except I never wear shawls and don't know anyone who does.

Yours is looking gorgeous. I may have to give in and just knit it anyway.

How are you liking the yarn?

Lynne said...

Like Marguerite, I admire knitted shawls very much but I don't wear them and don't know anyone who would appreciate all those hours of concentrated lace work.

Your is looking good; the colour is gorgeous.

Bells said...

i just had to ask Sean how old the emac was - he thinks the last ones were phased out 2004 so yeah, yours would be pretty old! Yay for new macs. I love it when I hear people talking how much they love their macs.

And that green - it's so pretty!!