Wednesday, 24 February 2010

brandywine shawl

I was looking through the latest patterns on Ravelry, partly because I could not face trawling through almost  a hundred free shawl patterns, let alone almost 400 pages of shawl patterns and partly because I was killing a few minutes before dinner.

I found the Brandywine Shawl by Rosemary Hill.  It's very pretty, although I'm not sure whether I want to start at the pointy end and work up.

What swung me to buy it was the promise to donate $5 of the proceeds of every purchase of $6.50 to médecins sans frontières or Doctors without Borders for their work in Haiti.  As of 19/2, she details sending $3500.  All US dollars quoted here.  How tremendous.  So I bought an instant download.  I may or may not make it, but I have the choice and my small donation through the designer will add to what she has already sent.


2paw said...

It's lovely, I am becoming quite enamoured of the plain shawl with an edging. Nice about the donation too. So what will you be knitting next???

Lynne said...

I get like that sometimes. But all I want is a .... Ravelry is such a great tool but it is easy to get carried away.