Thursday, 18 February 2010

thursday medley

I finished the Bollywood capelet a couple of nights ago but haven't photographed it till this morning.  As can be seen, it's still in dire need of being blocked.  I've been at another son's so may do the blocking tomorrow if the weather holds fine.  I really don't want damp stuff hanging around in my room although I get good ventilation.

This and the other pictures in this post are not as clear as I would like.  I hope my camera is OK as I can't really afford to do much about it.  I've had it quite a while now.

It's a bit difficult to see with the cape unblocked but I cast off by putting a lacy edging around the bottom.  Crochet 3 and slip stitch the next two stitches from needle.  I can crochet and I like the result which will look much better blocked, but I don't crochet much and found this awkward.  I think because the circular with 264 stitches was held on same side as I needed the yarn to crochet.  A bit clumsy on my part. In fact, three times I moved the knitting needle suddenly and found I'd pulled it out of about a dozen stitches.

The colour is beautiful, shades of deep purple, just my colours. Ailsa has done a wonderful job on this beautiful yarn.  It's a delight to work with, 50/50 merino and silk. It knits up very evenly and flows gently through the fingers.

As I said, I'm disappointeed with photos today.  Nothing shows really well here.  This is the laceweight from Ailsa, over 900 metres.  It's the last instalment of the Indian summer Yarn Club, a venture I've been very happy with. I'm not entirely sure about what this will be but I'm thinking a soft lacy cowl for one of my DILs.  Ailsa had a great one printed in Yarn magazine.  The shaping is achieved with a change in needle size so the lacy pattern is not affected. This colour is called Mumbai Summer and the yarn came in the calico drawstring bag with imprint of Ailsa's store and some knitabulous post-it notes.  Great ideas both of them.  I'll find them useful and what good advertising too.

Kate, the Knightly Knitter made a beautiful Andean bag for Ms Cindy2paw.  I asked about the book and went searching.  The Book Depository had this for about $15, free postage.  I'm about to make myself a sandwich for lunch and will sit and enjoy this.  History, geography, lovely patterns, all in beautiful Andean colours.  A treat.  I've not done much colour work, so may start with something easy and use up some scraps while I practise.

Here's a typical page from the book.  There are lots of wonderful bag patterns in the book and this is just one of them.  Hints on making authentic looking tassels, charts for llama, guard dogs, tree and the like.  Big bags, small change purses, chullo hats in beautiful colours.

Lots of treats brought home from the post office box for me today.  Yarn and carry bag, books, next edition of  Delicious, the ABC's lovely monthly food magazine, great pictures.  Also a letter from Centrelink which turned out to be just a statement of the pitiful amount the government allows me.


Anonymous said...

oooh the capelet is gorgeous! I'll look forward to seeing it blocked.

Those Andean knits have got me intrigued!

2paw said...

I love my little Andean Bag!! I have the book on hold t the Library. We were talking about he magic of blocking lace tonight!! It is magic too!!

Lynne said...

I love the colour and look forward to seeing the capelet blocked.

I am very fond of Book Depository and that book looks intriguing but please don't enable; I don't need anything else in the queue right now!