Thursday, 18 March 2010

bedsocks for Miss Seven

Some of Ailsa's superwash sock wool, done as bed socks for Miss Seven.  That's her in right sidebar when she was Miss Four.  A quick easy knit.  Pinkish, but not in your face pink.  Hopefully the colour will be acceptable.  She's beginning to move away from the "any colour, so long as it's pink, grandma" stage.  Apparently she loves wearing the socks I knit as bedsocks.  She's very skinny so probably feels the cold.

When I was last there, she carefully drew around a foot and gave the paper to me, saying her foot had grown since the last pair.  Hint, hint, Grandma.  I took the hint.


2paw said...

She is so lucky to have you as her grandma!! I think it is so cute that she drew round her foot and gave it to you as a 'hint'!!!

Lynne said...

What a clever girl - to give Grandma the hint and make sure the size will be right! Well done, Miss Seven.

Anonymous said...

When Miss Nearly Fifteen was only five, we gave her a book voucher (with a REAL present). She was, understandably, underwhelmed by a piece of cardboard. A week later she was on the phone in a highly excited state - they had been book shopping, and the penny had dropped.

Six months later, when the next gift occasion was on the horizon, she wanted to let me know that "if it wasn't too much trouble, Oma!" that she would like another book voucher. The parents who were sternly phrasing a reproof for ASKING for a present collapsed in a heap. Completely disarmed -- and they knew that for this Oma, a book voucher would NEVER be too much trouble.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Jan said...

Particularly now, Gae, when many such vouchers can be bought online and printed out at home.

catsmum said...

oh you're a good grandma!
and btw thanks for the comment on the blog - it hadn't occurred to me that the 'cold' and the 'migraine' were linked.