Wednesday, 17 March 2010

in memoriam my mum

Traditions are often good things to have.  My sons were always pleased to be allowed to choose their birthday dinner, even if guests  were once surprised when one chose savoury mince as his birthday meal.  Holiday traditions from my own childhood are still remembered fondly and often followed and my sons continue them with their families.

Since leaving my husband, I've started a couple of things on dates which are significant to me now.  They not only are a date marker, but they help me to deal with the memories from that date.

Today is the first anniversary of my mum's death last year.  Next month we are all having a family picnic at Pearl Beach to mark her April birthday, but I was wondering what to do about this particular anniversary.  She loved the supersoft, super light scarves I made her, often from good mohair.  They were light and warm.

I've decided to knit something to give away, probably a good scarf each year.  I found this Ink Spot scarf pattern, done in two halves and grafted in the middle.  I took the hank of 50/50 silk and cashmere (second photo down), which I won last year in the Cancer Council Relay for Life appeal, done by WA knitters.  I've wound off about 400 yards out of 1300 yards in the hank and am about halfway through the first half.  No photos yet, the lace is all squashed and will need blocking.

I have friends who live in the Southern Highlands and they tell me that, contrary to what lots think, there are many elderly people who are poorly off down there.  I think I may pass on the finished article and ask them to give it to someone who needs it.  I think that would be in keeping with the spirit of my making it.  It can be very cold down there and it would be good to think it helps keep someone warm, as my other scarves kept Mum warm.


Lynne said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do. Good on you, Jan.

PS I'm glad I wasn't there for savoury mince - I loathe the stuff! LOL

Rose Red said...

I think that is a very thoughtful way of remembering your mum.

2paw said...

The first anniversaries are always sad, and I think that is a lovely way of remembering your mum.
We had that birthday tradition too, I always had spaghetti bolognaise (very racy for the olden days) and pavlova!!!

SallyO said...

That's a lovely idea and will be SO appreciated.