Monday, 8 March 2010

that magnificent bear in his flying machine, sorry hat

Here's Wesley in his new aviator hat from Just Jussi.  It's still wet so as his head is bigger than a newborn's, the hat stayed there just  long enough for a photoshoot.  I didn't want it stretched.  It was  a very quick and easy pattern.  If you have friends having babies, it would be a good addition to the present box.

Justine has updated this pattern which is free.  There are numbers for three different yarn weights and seven different sizes.  Enough choice for pretty well anybody.  The curve is made by a 12 row pattern of short rows and corner piece is filled in later.

This is from some stash Bendigo 5 ply and will be given to a tiny newborn at the church I've stated attending not long ago.

Not a good shot.  I managed to catch the fleece throw as I took the photo and it's buckled.  Brandywine blocking.  This too was quite a quick knit as the pattern does not encroach on the garter stitch centre.  Of course that did not stop me making mistakes.  I accidentally did not catch the middle stitch of Knit 3 together and did not discover the dropped stitch for some time.  It was exceedingly difficult to remedy in a reasonable manner.  I looked very carefully at stitches after that whenever I had to do the same again.

This wool was a blog prize from Marguerite at Stitches of Violet in USA.  It's sock wool from Slackford Studio.  It's superwash wool and nylon.  It was very tightly plied.  When I wound it, it looked almost like some English cotton I have.  To me, it's an unusual green, not a shade we see much of out here, unless a paddock has fresh growth from having superphosphate spread.

I took it to SSK at Newtown a couple of Saturdays ago, the first time I've been there.  There were favourable comments on colour and yarn.   As it's tightly plied and spun, the stitch definition was clear.

The shaping at the end of the shawl is eight rows with short rows in them.  Very quick and interesting.  If you are looking for a quickish shawl kit which would look good in thicker yarn too, then Brandywine is available from Ravelry for US$6.50.  $5 of that goes to Doctors without Borders.

This post is brought by my new Mac Mini.  That's it in the photo with lots of USB slots in the back.  Five there, more in the monitor and two on  my old keyboard.  I also have a USB hub if I ever need more, although I doubt it.  Computer is  6" square and 2" deep.  The computer is sitting in the curve of the stand for monitor.

One of the beauties of a Mac is the ease of setting up new stuff.  About a minute's typing to add settings, connect new and old computer and all my programs, data, settings were transferred in under five minutes.  Add in ease of use, sheer common sense arrangement of utilities and resistance to viruses and I'd never revert to a PC.

The monitor is a 20", not the biggest but much bigger than my eMac.  I really would not want it any bigger.  I watch almost no TV and hate glare so I'm not a fan of big screens.  That said, this shows a lot more detail than my old screen.  I know the hard drive was on the way out, but I find that even on sites I visit regularly, I now see the details much more clearly.  That's not because of the size, I think the old screen was also on the way out.  And it's QUIET!  Very, very quiet.  Fan is almost inaudible.  I'm very happy with it.


Lynne said...

Congratulations on the new computer. I was talking to SIL on Saturday about the trouble I was having getting iTunes to talk nicely to my iPod and commented that Apple software didn't seem to be as user-friendly as Microsoft. He replied that most people still use PCs but Mac users tend to swear by them! Case in point I think!! LOL

I have a scrapbooked photo of DD aged about seven pretending to be an old-fashioned pilot wearing a pair of daddy's safety goggles, with a baby blanket tied on as a cape and pegged to a child-sized clothesline to simulate the cape blowing in the wind as she was flying. Hence, ever since I saw Justine's aviator hat pattern I have intended to make it for GS#1; hope DD gets the reference!! *tee-hee* Yours is very cute on Wesley!

2paw said...

Gorgeous shawl and such a lovely green!! That's a nice hat too, thanks for the pattern advice.
I used to be Mac when it's what we had in my classroom, but when someone gave me their old computer it was a PC, so that's the way I went.

Crimson Rambler said...

Hi Jan! thanks for commenting on my post! "Eggslice" is a term I hadn't heard before, I admit. But I'm with you on what a spatula Really Is. I look forward to following your blog as I also knit but nothing very ambitious, mostly prayer shawls.
Blessings on your day, whatever day it is, never have understood the Int'l Date Line...