Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday camera show and tell

This probably may seem an easy way out and perhaps it is, but I really like this picture which I took some years ago.  I'm a big fan of Macs but I don't like iPhoto much.  I find organising and editing photos far easier on a PC using Photoshop and have found nothing quite like it for a Mac. So here's a  photo I took of a tree on a windy day with just a touch of editing.

I'm also not very fond of iCal, preferring to use the calendar in Gmail.  I make calendar entries on both my phone and in Gmail and sync them together  with Bluetooth.  Until I bought this computer, I had to use a USB stick to work the Bluetooth for my computer.  This model comes with all the bells and whistles, including that, so it's easy.  Another big plus  for the Mac is Time Machine which must be the easiest way ever to back up all settings and files on your computer.  A big external drive is needed.  The Mac sets it  all up automatically and everything is backed up several times a day.   I have a 500Gigabyte external drive but could have bought a terabyte.  Everyone I've spoken to about this recommends it for Macs.  Restoration, if ever needed, is apparently easy, accurate and quick and you can choose the date  wanted to restore the computer to.  It just sits there and works at chosen times of the day.  If the disk is ever filled, it will start deleting the files from the earliest dates or a new disk can be installed.  Just brilliant and a load off my mind as regarding photos and documents, old assignments and most importantly, knitting patterns!


2paw said...

That's a beaut photo!! It looks as if I a looking through one of those spy holes in a front door.
You are very organised with your computery things. I back up on CDs, best I can do right now!!

Lynne said...

An interesting photo. I agree that it's like looking through a spyhole!