Wednesday, 26 May 2010

brangian shawl done

Here's a very poor photo of my first Brangian shawl by Bronwyn Parry.

The rain is bucketing down here in Sydney, there's a southerly change forecast and thunderstorms for this afternoon.  Just the weather for a shawl.  It's very dark here, in fact it was so dark just after 6:00 am when I normally get up, that I turned over and went back to sleep for another hour.   I don't have to be up early, that's just what normally happens.  Because it's so dark, I took the photo inside but that light didn't work very well at all either.

I haven't blocked the shawl yet, I'll wait for better weather.  You can see, despite the general blurriness, an unintended variation.  There's a ruffle on the edge which isn't in the pattern.  I actually quite like it and will leave it there.

I was knitting the last chart yesterday.  I had a sinus infection which was giving me a lot of pain in my face and also had a massive headache, possibly from the infection, possibly from stress.Through the pattern are very many centred double decreases, YO, slip 1, knit 2 together, psso, YO.   My fingers ere doing it automatically.  The stitch count was increasing dramatically and I wondered why I hadn't seen any reference to that increase  on the Ravelry KAL for the shawl.  No alarm bells went off and I  continued through thirteen rows doing YOs in a vertical column and the decrease mentioned above as well.

What I was actually doing was increasing by 2 stitches in every 8 stitch pattern repeat across the pattern rows.  When I cast off, I had almost 700 stitches,  It was a time consuming cast off too, purl 2 together, put stitch back on left needle and repeat across row.  It's a very stretchy cast off and will block well, but 700 stitches?  It took ages.

Light dawned on my mistake as I fell asleep last night.  I'm going to leave it, it looks pretty and I say that although I'm not really into ruffles much at all. Besides I'd have to knit it back stitch by stitch and I just can't face that.  I'll block the shawl up to the end of the second chart.

Southerly change must be on its way.  I've just noticed that the  rain is now hitting hard against my south facing window/door.

The yarn is from Lush Yarns and is 50/50 merino/silk, lovely to work with.  The colour is called Jamaica, although to me it looks like a port wine magnolia colour, or perhaps some  crushed boysenberries.

I found these two quotes on Bron's ABOUT page on her blog where the pattern is.  I've often thought about the first quote and totally agree with it.  There's no definition of beauty there, it's in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes.  However we need it.

I find the second quote interesting too.  "Beauty of the warm and familiar which leads to keeping such things close at hand to use.  Beauty in everyday things which gives a beauty of intimacy.  Just so.

The following two quotes pretty much sum up my yarnosophy:

‘Beauty is not optional. I am convinced that everyday objects can and must be beautiful because the beauty surrounding us feeds our souls. Perhaps we can survive without beauty, but I don’t see how we can thrive and be fully alive without it.’ Sharon Alderman (weaver), Handwoven Magazine, November/December 1995 p. 46.

“The special quality of beauty in crafts is that it is a beauty of intimacy…. The beauty of such objects is not so much of the noble, the huge or the lofty, as a beauty of the warm and familiar. Here one may detect a striking difference between the crafts and the arts. People hang their pictures high upon the wall, but they place their objects for everyday use close to them, and take them in their hands”.    Soetsu Yanagi.

Here's a reference to Soetsu Yanagi.


2paw said...

Oh you poor thing, I hope you are feeling better now?? All those stitches!!! I think the ruffle looks nice!!
We haven't had any rain, its been cold, but sunny.

Lynne said...

Right now I am typing this with one hand, as I hold a just-fed and sometimes overflowing, 14 week old boy who keeps kicking my typing arm! I think he's beautiful; but I would, wouldn't I?

Perfect weather for knitting or a good book. For DD and I, the day will be spent piecing our first "real" quilt top.