Tuesday, 4 May 2010

golden syrup steamed pudding

Cindy mentioned a recipe for golden syrup dumplings in her Monday Munchies post yesterday.  That reminded me of the steamed pudding Mum used to make when I was young.  The recipe was old then, and I've made it for my sons too.  Even now, Family Dinner on a cold wintry night brings family together in the hope of this being served.  Family Dinner is special, everyone tries to be there.  Lots of laughter and the conversation becomes more and more animated as sons spark off each other.  Unfortunately we don't have these special occasions as often now as we used to.  Small grandchildren going to school the next day cut out weeknights and the three boys now live quite a distance from each other.  Said small grandchildren enjoy this as much as their dads  do and show every sign of appropriating family tradition for themselves.

Pudding steamers are making some sort of comeback.  I've seen a couple of sizes for sale.  Don't try this in a tiny steamer.  It used to make enough for the five of us when I was a child and will serve probably  at least eight if the slices are cut thinner.  Be sure your steamer seals well.  If steam gets in, the pudding will be spoilt.  If you have any doubts, put some baking paper over the top of the pudding before the lid is tightened.  Have a large saucepan about half full of boiling water ready and bubbling before the pudding is started.  Make sure steamer is very well greased before you put mix in, so it can be turned out onto  a plate for easy serving.  Keep water bubbling gently with the lid on saucepan while the pudding cooks and top up with more boiling water from the kettle if needed.

The recipe says serve with milk.  None of my sons has much milk in his diet, but anything other than cold milk with this recipe is sacrilege to them.  The girls would rather custard but they are told they don't know what tradition is!

This will feed lots or fewer if my sons find out you are serving it.  Any leftovers re-heat well and "certain people" have been known to re-heat slices in a frying pan with a little butter the next day.

If I made this with the amount of syrup specified, there would be cries of outrage.  Four or five tablespoons will not go astray.

Grandma’s (Moo's) Famous Golden Syrup Steamed Pud

60 gm butter/margarine

2 tabs golden syrup ( at least. I usually use at least 4)

½ cup milk

1 egg

2 cups  SR flour

Place marg, milk and golden syrup in saucepan and heat gently till butter/marg melts. (butter tastes much better)  Beat egg into this and stir in the flour.  Place in a well greased pudding steamer.  Place in large saucepan of boiling water and cook for 1 ½ hours.  Do not let water boil dry.  Serve with cold milk.


Rose Red said...

oh yum!! I do love golden syrup anything (and you are right, extra golden syrup NEVER goes astray!)

I must get myself a pudding steamer.

2paw said...

Ah, there you go, doubling the sauciness too!! Mmmmm I love steamed puddings, I have a ceramic bowl and I put a circle of baking paper on to and then foil and baking paper with a pleat as a lid, and I tie string around it: That's what we did at home. I feel a pudding coming on soon!!

Lynne said...

We never had a pudding steamer. The golden syrup pudding was cooked in a ceramic basin in a saucepan. The pudding was covered with a butter paper to stop the steam entering the pudding.

When I have made it in the past it was imperative to at least double the amount of golden syrup (or jam) called for in the recipe!

Between Rose Red's egg and bacon pie and your pudding, WM and I may be in for a few naughty treats in the cooler weather!!

Bells said...

oh i'm intrigued. I've made one steamed pudding (xmas) and loved the experience. I must try again - with this!!

Bronwyn said...

Oh, I love steamed golden pudding. I was just thinking a couple of days ago that I need to make one again soon - haven't made one for a few years! And yes, you're absolutely right - it needs plenty of golden syrup :-)

I think we're going to have to have one tonight...