Saturday, 1 May 2010

saturday camera show and tell

I don't have brown thumbs in gardening usually.  I can grow flowers, shrubs and vegetables with a reasonable degree of success.  But African violets?  I think my thumbs there are dark brown.  I've never had much success at all with them.

This one is not mine.  It actually belongs to my son who was given it as part of a birthday present from his MIL, seven months ago.  I kept it going for him for  months at Killara.  It sat on my lap in the van on top of  several boxes when we moved here three months ago.  I think I must have just the right spot for it.  While I can usually keep them alive, they don't bloom.  This hasn't stopped blooming since he was given it.


2paw said...

African Violets are my mum's bete noir!! If she could get one to flower it was worthy of a celebration. It must be in the perfect spot, keep it there!!!!

Rose Red said...

I think that's the secret to african violets - having the perfect spot! My MIL can do it, but I can't!

Lynne said...

My mother had a gorgeous collection of African violets then she moved and there was no "right spot" in her new house. The new owner frequently tells mum how well they are blooming! *sigh*