Saturday, 15 May 2010

saturday camera show and tell

This was taken on our memorial picnic for Mum's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It's taken around the point at Pearl Beach, looking back towards Palm Beach. Pittwater is on the right with the sailing boat and the mouth of the Hawkesbury River around the point hard right. No prizes for guessing that the name of this island is Lion Island.  It must have been named from this side, as it it is nothing like a lion from the other side.  There are few easy landing spots and the island rises steeply almost from the water.  Landings were prohibited when I was a child at Pearl Beach and may still be.  I don't know if this is just hearsay but the talk was that the place was overrun with snakes. The tide is well out and much more of the rock platform can be seen than usual.  This place has beautiful rock pools with an enormous variety of weed and creatures.  I know few places quite like it in NSW.  I've spent many happy hours exploring the pools, climbing the steeper rocks at the back, having picnics and enjoying myself.

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Lynne said...

A lovely view on a day with beautiful weather. I recognised it immediately; quite a landmark for those who have travelled north and south to and from Sydney. I have, however, never been to Pearl or Palm Beaches.