Wednesday, 2 June 2010

brangian blocked

front gate brangian shawl Lush yarns 50/50 merino/silk
At last, a little bit of sunshine in Sydney. So with sheets, several pairs, on the line in the backyard, I grabbed my Brangian shawl which I blocked yesterday and went out the front. This is the small size and is also my unintended variation on the pattern.

I was sick with sinusitis and a massive headache when I did chart 3 . I misread the pattern and put yarnovers around the double decreases, just as the rest of the pattern had required.

I finished with a massive number of stitches, around 700 and wondered why no one on the KAL had commented on tis. I now have a ruffle, rather than points on the edge!. I prefer points, but this is fine and I certainly wasn't unpicking it, stitch by stitch.

The yarn is more 50/50, merino/silk, this time from Lush yarns. The colour is called Jamaica. it reminds me of boysenberries or portwine magnolia flowers.

With this finished, I've picked up the second wristwarmer I'm making to my own pattern for a friend in very chilly Mallacoota. She's moved down from Queensland and is feeling the cold. Hopefully I'll have that finished today or tomorrow and can post them to her. I made her a scarf last year from Colinette mohair when she announced the move. These are done in Bendigo mystique, a mix of wool, alpaca and mohair and are a quick knit on 4 mm needles.


2paw said...

Oh your writing is really tiny today. Branigan looks beautiful hanging over the railing in the sun.
Your friend will be very happy to have beautiful hand knitted things. No need for them here: it was 17*C yesterday. Practically summer!!

Bells said...

it's fantastic! I'm nearly finished mine too, will remember your mistake when I hit chart 3. Just lovely!