Friday, 11 June 2010

first shawl fever, now startitis

OOOPS I hope it's not contagious.  I wouldn't want to pass it on.  After finishing my first Brangian, I wound Ailsa's last delivery from Indian summer yarn club and cast on a second Brangian.  I'm down into the lace now.  This will be smaller than the one shown in posts below because I'm using laceweight.  However, I'm making this for someone who will use it as a scarf, not a shawl.

To have something fairly brainless on hand, I also cast on an alpaca one stitch scarf from the Yarn Harlot's pattern.  This is for one of my sons who stands on a very chilly station in the morning, getting the breeze straight off the water right next to the station.  However, it's not a quick knit as he's tall, 6'5" and any scarf for him needs to be quite long so it doesn't look ridiculous.  So not a lot of this gets done at anyone time before I get quite bored with it.

I was knitting merrily along when I made the mistake of checking Lush Yarns.  A kit for the Jindabyne Cowl fell into my shopping cart in a beautiful deep garnet colour.  I've done about 20 cm of this.  It knits up quickly as it's Aran weight, in a mix of alpaca and wool.  Should be warm which is more than it is outside tonight!

The gloves I sent to Mallacoota were warmly received and very much liked.  My friend wore them most of one day.  She had a lot of chilly driving to do and she conducted what she said was her coldest funeral ever.  Remember she comes from Queensland and is not used to low temperatures.  The temperature at the cemetery was 3°.  She asked if I could possibly see my way clear to make her a hat, so I've done about 25% of an Odessa by Grumperina.

I might send that when it's done and possibly do a Coronet hat from Knitty.  I've made at least five of these before and possibly ten Odessa, including a couple with beads.

So I have concluded I have a bad case of startitis this week, along with chronic shawl fever which dies down and then surfaces again.


2paw said...

Oh you are hooked on that shawl!! It is so pretty though. That is extremely cold for Qld, I bet your friend will so appreciate your knitting for her.
I knitted another Aviatrix hat today: that's my third so I'm hooked on them!!

Lynne said...

Variety is the spice of life!