Sunday, 20 June 2010

that was the week that was

The start of another week and it can only be better than the previous one.

I've done knitting, quite a bit of it.  However there are no photos.  It's the Jindabyne cowl, the start of which is shown in the post below.  It was bland knitting, the cowl is now well over half finished.  I sat and counted each section of the row, then repeated it on the next row and so on.

I was  somewhat of a dithery mess all week, weepy some of the time, nervous other times, unable to eat often with a stomach tied up in knots..  The knitting drowned out some of the nerves.

I had a court case on Friday and things seem settled.  However, it finished so late there was no time for papers to be drawn up and one paper in particular needs to be seen by the registrar.

I had loads of support and DIL here insisted on coming with me although she had assignments due.  I was very grateful for her support, that of my family and the many friends who encouraged me.  On Friday morning I had so many emails of support, as well as private messages from a forum I frequent that I was weepy again, but this time with a different cause.

Hopefully things will now move on smoothly.

So, to something more pleasant.  I attend a church which is held in an old building built around 1880.  It's pleasant in summer inside but last week I was distinctly chilly and others remarked on the cold.  High ceilings and large pen spaces make warming it a difficult task.  Today I dressed warmly and was thankful for wool and its warmth.  A longish woollen skirt which I've had a long time.  It was quite expensive but I've worn it many times and it's very warm.  Some handknit woollen socks inside my boots kept the feet warm,  I had a hip length semi-felted wool jacket which I bought last year.  It's light and comfortable to wear and very warm.  I finished off with my first brangian shawl worn not as a shawl but more like a scarf.  I was warm the whole time and actually quite hot after walking home in the sun.

The organist had an interesting jumper which seemed handknit.  It was black and white.  The ribbing was colour work to look like the keyboard of a piano.   On the front in intarsia was a large treble clef with a bass clef on the back.  Notes were scattered around and there were other musical symbols like  time and key signatures, repeats signalled, bars, rests and more.  I've never seen one quite like it before.  I didn't get an opportunity to speak to her later but will try on another Sunday.


2paw said...

I am glad you had great support. Things can be just so stressful. It is hard to be strong all the time.
Oh I am about to start a cowl in some 10ply black Luxury!!!! I hope I don't twist the cast on!!!

Lynne said...

Ooo! I hates cold!

Glad you dressed warmly but aren't you supposed to pay attention elsewhere than on the organist's knitted jumper? LOL

Sorry you had a bad week last week; hope it's all sorted now.

TinkingBell said...

You have been so busy and productive and I am glad you had someone to support you - court is always so stress making! Lots of positive thoughts. In my experience, churches are always difficult to heat - I suggest a spencer under everything!

Melinda said...

Hi Jan! Would you like the recipe for the honey snaps? It comes from a cookbook - Marie Claire or Women's Weekly (can't remember!)


Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had such a stressful week, and I hope the papers are drawn out quickly and it all gets settled so you can move on, but I'm glad your dil was with you.

I'm a huge fan of the merino spencers - - I find the cold very debilitating and so am a bit afraid of it. Merino spencers keep me so warm I love them!