Monday, 19 July 2010

one hat, two hat

Two finished objects this weekend and progress on son's scarf.  We had lots of visitors yesterday so I left taking photos of two finished hats till today.  Wouldn't you just know it.  The day was superb yesterday, loads of sunshine and clear blue skies.  There was a lovely sunrise here today, but it's now quite grey, not good for camera work at all.  Unfortunately, I've already put washing in the machine.  DIL is looking forward to getting her commercial gas dryer installed in the garage.  There was a dryer here when we moved in, but this place had been a rental place until we bought it.  The dryer has had a lot of use and sheds dust everywhere. The dust gets all over the place, even when the laundry door is shut wile dryer is used.   The timer does not move around,  so we don't like using it unless we set a separate timer ourselves.  I'll hang the washing around on the third storey deck which is a suntrap when the sun does shine.

This first hat is Coronet from the archives at Knitty.
This is Ysolda Teague's Cairn hat from the  first book of Whimsical Little Knits.  I made one of these when I first bought the book about two years ago and DIL asked  for another one.  I did most of it on Saturday and finished it last night.  The blue, which is quite intense here, matches a Panta headband, a scarf and some fingerless gloves which I've done for her  over the last couple of years.  It's more wool from Bendigo and the charcoal is a Cleckheaton 8 ply.

I've just noticed the right side looks a bit odd.  It probably just needs straightening as there's nothing wrong with it really and the insert grey is just fine.

The hat feels very warm indeed.  I find this strange, because the back is not stranded at all.  With mosaic knitting, only one colour is used at a time across the complete row.  Some stitches may be slipped to do the design, but only one colour is used, so nothing is carried cross the back of the knitting.

I wore my Jindabyne cowl shown in post below to church yesterday over a black top.  It looked really good and was very cosy.  The actual building was built in early 1880s and has very high ceilings.  The place is almost impossible to heat properly without spending a small fortune on the job.  There are some heaters on the walls but they are fairly ineffectual.  I've attended there only since moving.  It's quite different in style to anything else I've attended but I'm enjoying it very much.  Quite different to most Anglican churches in Sydney, but very welcoming.

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2paw said...

Nice hats. I like the two tone pattern of the second one. We haven't had enough sun for drying at all for weeks. Things hang, and then they get rained on!!!