Thursday, 9 September 2010

ancient history

I have plenty of clothes hanging space in my room, but not much at all in the way of drawers. My socks, almost all handknitted, and the off season tops and shirts live in a wicker box with lid which doubles as a bedside table with small things on the lid. Today I just lifted the lid slightly, reached in and grabbed these socks. I was surprised to get these. I'm not sure how they were on the top. I think they are the very first pair I knitted apart from a pair of handspun Border Leicester socks for one of my sons when he was probably at pre-school. Let me say that was a looooong time ago.  He has a significant birthday tomorrow and I'm not sure where all those years have gone.  I think we're having a celebration of both his and my birthday with  dinner out.  He had heaps going on at work when it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I cooked my own birthday dinner.  In addition, DIL was overseas at the time, so we'll combine the two occasions.

I had a look but my blog started after these were done.  My second pair, done in Opal from the old Champion Textiles shop, (cough, splutter, sneeze at the dust), are shown here.  I hate knitting with Opal, it's stringy to my fingers, but it certainly wears well.  That pair is still going strong and gets regular use.

The striped pair was made I think with some Cleckheaton 5 ply on sale at the time from the then Tapestry Craft, now Morris and Sons.  Coincidentally, by the way, the new Granny Square in the old Champion Textiles shop is an offshoot of Morris and Sons.  Why I tried stripes is beyond me.  I have no idea.  I can see I carried the wool up the inside from stripe to stripe.  However, I distinctly remember having  trouble with the pattern.  It was nothing fancy and I'm sure was a normal pattern but I could not get the hang of rejoining after the heel to do the gusset.  My wool was on the wrong side of the needles and I remember my frustrations.  I looked inside and can see ends, not woven in properly where I cut the wool and re-joined it on the other side.

It's strange to see  the progress now.  Lot of progress and lots of socks, literally many, many dozens of pairs of all sizes and patterns, usually mine now.

I now have one fewer UFOs than last week. I was doing the large size Aestlight in some sock wool from the Granny Square.  The wool is lovely, I like it and the colour but it wasn't doing anything for me as the garter triangle became bigger.  So, goodbye Aestlight for the time being.  I'll do it again in the future in something else.

I'm off to post the first Brangian shawl I made to a friend in Christchurch, NZ.  She had minor damage to her house in the earthquake, with a chimney falling down.  However, she, like almost everyone else has been spooked and terrified by the sheer number and severity of the aftershocks.  A couple have been almost the same severity as the original quake and they are getting around a dozen to twenty aftershocks every day where she lives.  They've been told they may have this for another three to four weeks.

My first Brangian is in the colours she likes, so I thought she might like the comfort around her neck and shoulders.  I really love this shawl myself, but want to send something now, not a few weeks  down the track.

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2paw said...

Oh you are very kind. The earthquake after tremors seem to be going on a long time.
Wow, your socks remind me of Wizard of Oz socks!! they are very pretty.
Opal does wear well, it's an everyday sock wool, not a luxurious one.
Hope your birthdayS celebration goes well!!