Thursday, 2 September 2010

plod, plod, plod

Plodding along seems all that's happening at the moment.

I've been quite busy and have also had a full weekend every weekend of August.  Tomorrow I'm going for the weekend to the Southern Highlands.  A group of us meets each month on a Saturday and in September we stay in motels etc. and have a weekend together.  I'm leaving mid-morning, tomorrow, Friday.

I started making an asymmetrical vest with an extended sleeve line especially for this weekend.  So?  I've just reached the bottom of the yoke, knitting top down.  I won't have it to wear and I won't have it with me as I haven't yet worked out armhole placement.  Bendigo Rustic in a forest green colour.  Plod. Plod.

When it was obvious the vest would not be ready, I cast on for a third Aestlight shawl, the large size this time.  The last took me not long at all.  I still have forty rows of the garter stitch triangle to do, before picking up the YO edge for the birdsnest stitch.  Another plodder.

I haven't touched the lacy white socks for at least three weeks.  More plodding.

The sock below now has some of its mate.  I watched  my eldest grandson play his grandfinal soccer game last Saturday.  Then I watched his father play a similar game.  I managed to cast second sock on, do ribbing and then about five centimetres of the leg.  I'll take this away at the weekend.  The sock, needles, yarn and the first sock all fit into the little bag I won from Missy Fee.  I can carry it on my arm through the longer handle and still knit. It's mindless knitting, just stocking stitch, so hopefully I'll come back with that sock almost finished.

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2paw said...

How exciting to have a weekend away with your friends, have a wonderful time!!
I am sure you'll plod along on your projects and then suddenly one will be finished and then they will all be done!!