Friday, 24 September 2010

so where's it moved to?

I went this morning into the city.  I was planning on looking through Lincraft in their city shop in the lower ground floor level of the Queen Victoria Building.  Nothing.  Just nothing.  The sign outside is now blank. Part of the area which was on the entry level is now Supre which is also upstairs on street level.  The bottom level is empty and dark.  No signs, no nothing.  I was there not so long ago.

Three grandchildren will be here for some hours tomorrow evening and I thought I'd try to find something different for them to do.  I toyed with the idea of catching the nearby bus to Sp*tli*ht at Drummoyne but could not bring myself to do it.  A horrible shop with what have always been rude assistants who know nothing about what they sell.  The Auburn shop is much better and I've always found the assistants to be helpful and pleasant there. Unfortunately it's not very easy to get to without a car.

So I walked back to Town Hall Woolworths to find gluten free snacks for them.  One is coeliac and the others eat gluten free for convenience.  Lots of Macro brand.  Woolworths took over Macro last year.  Macro at Hornsby was a large shop with a good collection of products, lots of flours, organic vegetables, a pleasant little café and more.  Organic meats and chicken too.  After taking over, Woolworths ads announced something like, "Now you can buy Macro products at Woolies."  Yes, indeed, a tiny percentage of what Macro used to sell and the original shop has been closed.  As you can see, I appear to have got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

Not helped by conveyancing lawyer  (from his solicitors) ringing me to say that when the house is sold, he will be asking for the 10% deposit to be released to him and for my share to come from proceeds after settlement.  What???  He wants to buy somewhere and needs that money then.  Well, I'm looking too.  Only I'm sensible.  I won't be actually deciding on somewhere until I have cash in hand.  I am looking to see what's around and how expensive it is.  I'm looking in several areas, including a couple of towns out of Sydney.  I rang my solicitor who will sort matter out.  I have said he can have 50% only which is all he's entitled to.  I was told he would not be happy with that.  He wants it all then and for me to be kept waiting  Too bad.  He can wait as I will do.  I'm wondering if he's already committed himself to a purchase and is caught up in time constraints.  Too bad again.  The house will go for quite a lot of money, so the 10% deposit is a fairly substantial amount too.

This somewhat shapeless lump of knitting is actually a dark green asymmetrical vest.  It should be on a bigger circular.  I'm happy with the way it's shaping up from my ideas and a few sums, but I'm putting it away till next autumn, I think.  I won't need it before then and my fingers  are made worse by the big needles when the arthritis flares.  The lacy part  is a panel on just the overlapping front.

Some time ago I found MBT shoes.  They are based on making the foot walk as the Masai do on sandy soil in Africa.  Very heavy and way out of my price range.  Then I found that Skechers make a similar shoe called In-Shape. The arthritis has been flaring lately, you can see the swelling on my right foot and ankle.  I need to walk for exercise but I need to be able to walk.  I tried these on, they are available in Williams shoe shops and some of  the shops selling different sports shoes.

They are blissfully padded even more than my years old Rockports which are still quite good.  The funny looking shape of the sole is extremely comfortable to walk on, although when I just stood still after first buying them, I felt off balance.  I wore them for only a short time for the first few days.

They promote a different style of walking.  The heel comes down and the foot rolls over the curve to be pushed off again from the toes.  It's strange at first but soon becomes  automatic.

Leg and thigh muscles are definitely being stretched and exercised and I can feel the muscles moving differently up to my waist.  They were  not cheap, almost $200, but if they keep me moving and exercising, I think it's worth it.  I can't stay home and not move, that would have an ultimately negative effect on me and the arthritis.  I'm also finding that walking is a good stress relief - another reason for walking.

When I brought them home I was watching the DVD which comes with them.  It speaks of walking on sand.  I was reminded that my mother was told to take me to the beach as a toddler to walk on dry sand as it was an extremely good exercise.  I spent several months in hospital just after I turned one and had lost a good deal of muscle tone when I was released.  So perhaps the sand idea really has something in it.

There's no chance of slipping when wearing these shoes.   Just look at the soles, bumps, cleats, sprigs, ridges.  Very definitely not-slip.  There's a lace-up style.  Williams have a cheaper range in brighter colours but the quality did not appeal to me at all.


Rose Red said...

I've seen those shoes and wondered what they were like to walk in, interesting!

I think Lincraft has moved to York street opposite the QVB.

Jan said...

Thanks for that. I tried looking them up but my phone wasn't co-operative in the QVB.

2paw said...

I heard the lady on Tony Delroy talking about those shoes this year? Last year? She said they were very good for one's feet and posture. I reckon you could almost be in training for the Cirque de Soleil!!
Ho hum, exes are a pain in the ankles. Think calm thoughts, just like you are.
Lincraft disappeared here too about 10-12 years ago. One week they said NO, we are not leaving and then, they were gone!!!

Helen said...

Hi Jan, I have just found your blog through blogtoberfest and have just read back the last year. A good read, a don't knit but I like the way you write. Looking forward to reading what you get up to in October! Comfy shoes! Helen