Sunday, 10 October 2010

bargain books

Sometimes my conscience give me a hard time in the purchases I make.  I try to be careful in  what I buy.  I like quality, I like patronising Australian businesses.  I also try to use the little money I have wisely.

I look at goods in the supermarket and try to buy only Australian manufactured or grown stuff wherever possible.  No Thai tuna or pineapple gets into my trolley.  However, I bend the principles when it comes to books.  The Book Depository gets a lot of my business.  It's cheap, the service is good and there are no postage costs.  With the dollar high right now, I've bought some things from overseas.  Just plain good sense.

When I saw this book and its companion volume over at dr k's, I decided I would like it.  Unfortunately the companion volume I is sold out and as with most shops of that nature, they may or may not get it in again.  Also unfortunately , it's a paperback.  Nothing against paperbacks, many of my best friend books are Penguins, but it's very big to be bound this way.  I'll have to be careful using it.  Then again, on the fortunate side, I now have a copy to drool over.  There's no way I could currently afford the hard cover edition.

A couple of years ago I bought the second book shown in the same shop.  I paid $7.50 for it.  The then Tapestry Craft, now Morris  and Sons, was selling the same edition.  Its price? $54.  That was a difference far too big to ignore. I've used it often and enjoy just looking through it.

The shop, in the tunnel under Central Station at the Railway Square end, has been there some time.  It has a big range of craft books currently, quite a few knitting titles and lots of other craft as well.  Art supplies, fiction, loads of children's stuff.  I'll just have to live with my uneasy conscience.

Here's a link one of my sons sent me just a few minutes ago.  A little light relief and about knitting.  Unfortunately, while there is a picture, it's not of the main subject of the text, but you will get the idea from the text.  If you don't like hearing about knitting of anatomically correct body parts, then perhaps it would not be wise to read this.  LOL.

Knitting man scarves for men.

Edited to add:  I leafed through this while I ate lunch by myself today.  I found the foreword interesting and was amused by the wry sense of humour which had also come through in the film I saw of Julia Child last year.  In the section on equipment, for example, one illustration is called, :bashers, bludgeons and other blunt instruments."

Further to my comment on Penguin book friends:  I should have looked further.  This second edition is a reprint  put out by Penguin.

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