Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I was poking around yesterday, surfing link after link when I came to Anna Maria Horner's website. Lovely fabric, attractively laid out etc.  I'd been following a link for one of her books.

I found what I was looking for at her shop, here, the book Seams to Me.  What's this?  Only $25?  A bargain, considering our dollar is so strong at the moment.  So I clicked add to basket.  Sewing is beginning to call my  name again.

Then I remembered my chief bugbear with Canadian or US shopping.  While the price of the goods is on a parity with our dollar right now, their postage is excessively expensive.  I also find it's not very reliable, sometimes being quite quick, other times taking weeks even by airmail.

I played around in their checkout page and eventually discovered priority international mail which appeared to me to be just ordinary airmail.  That would add $27 to the cost.  More than the cost of the book.  So I left the page.

About an hour later I wondered if the Book Depository would have the book, so I clicked over to  the Book Depository, logged in and searched.  The book would cost me $25.81 AUS.   In stock and that price was the exact equivalent of the $25 asked for on the other site. Free postage and I've always had remarkably good service from them, with orders arriving in days instead of weeks.  For a moment I considered some of the other books my order brought up.  After all, I'd just saved myself the $27 postage from the other site, hadn't I?  Then I realised how ridiculous my logic was and left it at the one book.

If you would like a good currency converter  have you tried XE Currency?  Very easy to use and so far, always accurate.  I have it bookmarked in a folder called "General info and other good stuff."  LOL.  Currency, bureau of meteorology, RFS sites,  train timetables, tax scales, plane arrivals and departure pages etc. All easily accessible from the one folder for my Mac.


2paw said...

It's hard to beat the Book Depository, though I do search on just to make sure. Books are so expensive here and the postage used to be prohibitive. What a bargain!!

Brianna said...

Book depository are great. My book was damaged when it arrived and as it was a present they replaced it for me. I don't like that everything is so cheap overseas but postage is so expensive. Seems unfair!
Enjoy your new book.