Thursday, 28 October 2010

coming down the home straight

Day 28 of Blogtoberfest 2010.  I've missed one day but should make it through to the end now, barring something extraordinary happening.  Last year I seemed to sail through the month.  This year has been harder and my mind has been faraway some days.

However, I'm getting there.  I finished the Moda Noir shawl today but it still needs blocking.  It could hardly have been simpler and even then, at times it was too much to think about.  I love the colours but possibly won't buy this sock yarn again.  It came from Spatlite on a 20% discount day which I hadn't even known about.  I bought an embroidery and this yarn for under $15 and the embroidery was close to $12.  So it was cheap.  It was OK to knit, it reminded me of Opal but was softer.  Opal feels like string to my poor fingers.  It knitted up fine.  However at the end it was a bit splitty for about the last ten grams.  I really like the colours, deep purples and various shades of grey.  However, more trouble at the end.

About five times in the last few grams, there were places where no dye had been applied and the colour was quite white for about 20 cm.  I always found these bits when I was in the middle of the row.  Several hundred stitches.

I thought about unpicking till the end, I even contemplated cutting the yarn and rejoining.  I did neither.  I couldn't face the unpicking or the darning in of the ends.  I thought about it and decided that this was a memento of a special time in my life and I'd leave it there, warts and all, figuratively speaking.  I did this as a distraction and a meditation, not as a show piece.  I always correct mistakes and have unpicked several hundred stitches to do so.  Not this time.  I see it as a neckerchief possibly or a light shoulder shawl perhaps worn at the computer on a cooler evening.  So the white bits stayed.  It's also a reminder that very often the cliché is true: you get what you pay for and the whole shawl was under $5  Mostly, the colours are pretty and it will be warm and soft.

Coming down the home straight on other fronts too.  A letter from the conveyancing people at the solicitors came today. A possible settlement date mid-January which was what I expected and notification of a six figure deposit paid into an interest bearing account.  Please supply tax file number so maximum  rate is not deducted from what the deposit earns at a reasonably healthy rate of interest.

I'm planning a pretty cowl for one DIL with the cashmerino from Lush mentioned  few posts ago. I've ordered some beads to use with it.

Things are looking up.


2paw said...

Things are looking up,good news. I think that life is all about the ups and downs and you don;t appreciate the ups without the downs. That being said, sometimes things are pretty horrid and out of your control. I love that your new shawl is, warts and all, just like this month. Only three days to go now!!

J said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog and it's amazing how you can create such amazing things from your knitting. I'm no crafty lady but I appreciate.