Saturday, 16 October 2010

despicable me

Yes, another non-knitting post although some is happening.

This has been a very difficult week for me and I have been wound up quite tightly, little sleep, skin problems relating to stress, more arthritis also stress related.  I'm doing the things I know help, some rest, some exercise, a small amount of alcohol or none, practising calmness etc.  Another week till sale of house and I think things should improve then.  At least I'll know what I have to work with.

A very good friend of mine has had a week of unpleasantness as well.  We went out to unwind, to talk and get things out.  This time he did more talking than I did, while I sat and listened  and made comments which, unknown to me, reinforced his ideas on certain matters.

We had an early lunch, then coffee and more talk and then went to the movies.  Both of us usually find that action movies help with stress.  Nothing on this time like that, so we went to see Despicable me.  This is an animated movie, supposedly 3D but I was just about to take the glasses off when he leaned over and said he didn't think they did much.  It's a good movie for children, those behind us were quite young but appeared to thoroughly enjoy it.  

The animation is very well done, there are lots of changes of expression on faces and many small details in the animation which add to its effect.  The plot is predictable although the way to the end explores some side branches.  The voices are well done for the most part, particularly in the young girls .  We laughed and laughed and watched all the way through the credits for the little extra bits which seem to be added to many films now.

Yes, it was a bit fluffy, but we both came out feeling much better than we had been feeling.

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Judy S. said...

Hi Jan, I just discovered your blog from your post on Stitches of Violet and will continue to visit. Love your beautiful knitting! My DS spent 3 years in Sydney, and their eldest son was born there...