Sunday, 24 October 2010

finished object at last

At long last, a finished object.  One pair of plain vanilla socks in Yummy yarn from Granny Square in King Street, Newtown, which had an official opening night earlier in the week.  I had probably enough left over to have made each leg about three centimetres longer.  It's pleasant yarn to knit and feels as if the sock should be both warm and comfortable, but I don't like the dyeing pattern which verges on pooling. I've been very slow, haven't even looked these up for a start date but it was a while ago.

They must have been a good sign.  The house was sold at well over a million dollars, although I think another hundred thousand would have been nice.  However, it's gone at a good price.  It was fine and sunny, there were lots of bidders, the auctioneer was very capable.  Best of all, it's another finished object and a real weight off my mind.  Perhaps this may be reflected in my knitting.  I've been unable to settle to anything much for quite a while now.  The only displeasing note to me is that it will be a twelve week settlement  before I get any money out of this.  But I'd rather that than no sale.

Mum's house is up for sale too, so there will be more money from that when it goes.

Things are looking up.


Sue said...

So happy to hear that the sale of your home went well. Your socks look beautiful in that color. Maybe you will be more relaxed now that everything is dealt with and just think in the New Year you can have a new beginning and many more adventures. It must have been very hard for you to deal with all the goings on lately.

2paw said...

Hurray!! I am very happy for you and for your socks as well!! I think you should wear your socks and pour a flute of champagne and prance about a bit!!!

Rose Red said...

Great news about the house, that must be a relief, and even better once settlement occurs.