Friday, 15 October 2010

lights, camera, action

I went out today and found cameras in four different places.

We live in the middle of the crossbar of a T-intersection.

Last night a bit of paper in the letterbox announced that filming would be done this afternoon in the street directly opposite.  This would be from 2:30 pm. Haha!  Vans and trucks started arriving from just after 9:00 this morning, blocking off most of the road on occasions.  Around 2:00 the action started.  Several police cars with lights flashing pulled up and people ran everywhere.   Filming was done both inside and outside the house and cars soon began to bank up, although theoretically traffic would not be stopped at any one time for more than 90 seconds. Oh wait, another police car arrived with flashing lights.  This one had the word "Forensic" wherever it could be fitted.  A closer look at the cars showed they really were only pretend police cars.  Good pretend, but pretend , nonetheless.

All this was for an SBS crime show.  Now we have not had TV here for ten months and SBS was abominably temperamental at Killara, so the name of the show was not  familiar to me at all and I've now forgotten it.

As I went down Parramatta Road, I saw many outside broadcast vans parked outside the Coroner's Court with lots of people hanging around outside.  I checked the Herald site when I returned home and found a verdict had been handed down in a suicide case of a Channel 10 newsreader.

In Broadway shops I was nearly mown down by another professional photographer backing out of the Oxfam shop without checking if anyone was behind him.

I've saved the smallest photoshoot till last.  I reached the bus stop on my way out to find another shoot happening.  At first I thought it was for an ad, but now think it was a small film perhaps.  Two young people, about twenty, a props guy, another on sound, a cameraman and an older director, complete with board.  He even had the  ", action off pat."  The young couple were having an argument and the fellow carefully bent over and threw up on her shoes.  Here's where the props guy came in..  He had a tin of H***z  chunky vegetable soup  and he gave the young man  a spoonful of that straight from the tin to hold in his mouth.  Before every take, he would carefully pour into the guy's mouth some water and that's what came back up.  I hate tinned soup but never again will I see a can of that variety without remembering the photoshoot.

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