Tuesday, 26 October 2010

me day

I did take some time for me today.  Witty Knitter suggested it may well need more than one day.  I know that and can see more time for myself ahead, but today was just the first after all the mess is over.  That's one good thing about an auction.  Settlement is basically guaranteed as finance needs arranging pre-auction.  Yes, things could still go wrong but it's certainly not the usual thing to happen.

I did some minor retail therapy for me today.  I really did need more coffee.  My son usually buys where he works from a man who has his own shop and roasts his own coffee at another location.  It's superb. Unfortunately the complex where he roasts beans has been shut down for redevelopment and he hasn't found another location.  He bought beans in and they were terrible.  Thin and watery flavour with no crema. So I went to where I had bought good stuff before locally.

While there I did some shopping.  I found a glass pendant, about 4-5 cm long in a tear drop or leaf shape.  It's quite thick, went well with what I was wearing.  Different shades of green with a  couple of colourful accents.  So I bought it. It cost a king's ransom.  Not quite.  It cost me just $5. Photos tomorrow if it's sunny.

I also bought some headphones for listening to the iPhone while reading in bed.  As I already wear hearing aids, I bought the ones which fit over the ear.  They also fit over the aids.  I did buy some of the bud style earlier but they were too uncomfortable after wearing hearing aids which are custom fitted to a mould of the individual ear.

I came home and did some more of the Moda Noir sock wool shawl.  Very basic pattern.  When I feel like it at quite random intervals I do a row of yarnover, knit 2 together.

When I started the shawl I was quite stressed and could not concentrate on following a lace pattern.  Now much of that stress has gone, I'm finding it boring.  Only another 30 gm of yarn to knit and that will go quickly with increases every second row.

And Jill who commented on a bed available.  Your area is definitely on the visit list.  Just not sure when.


2paw said...

4% could ransom a King these days!! Your expensive pendant sound very nice. I am glad you are feeling a bit better. You must be if your knitting is easier and bordering on boring!!

2paw said...

$5, I meant $5 not %4. It is late and I should take my cold and go to bed!!!

Jill said...

So glad you had a good day. Isn't it lovely when you find a little something that brightens the day without breaking the bank.