Thursday, 7 October 2010

moda noir shawl

Here's a progress photo of the shawl I'm making from the Moda Noir sockwool which cost me next to nothing the other day. As you can see, the eyelet row is random, quite random.  I'll use up the wool and block it, then perhaps pick up some stitches down the triangle if it's needed to keep it flat.  Perhaps even some simple crochet edging.

Cheap? Indeed.  There was 20% off everything in the shop.  I don't watch TV now so it  was my lucky day.  I haven't been to Sp*tl*ght in at least a couple of years.  The garden embroidery was just on $13 and the wool cost ?  Total was a scrape over $15.

There's no pattern really to this.  On the knit side I have a border of three garter stitches then a marker.  After the marker I do a yarnover and knit to the next marker which is on outside of the centre stitch.  Another yarnover, centre stitch knit, marker, yarnover to the last three stitches, yarnover and then garter stitch the last three stitches.  Wrong side has three stitch border and the rest is purl.

The carpet is not really that colour. It's rental carpet beige, fairly blah and will in due course be replaced.  New kitchen with some more cupboards comes before the upstairs carpet.  As does a floating timber floor for dining and lounge rooms and something drastic to the tiny backyard.  That will probably be levelled and have decomposed granite or similar spread and packed down.  At the moment the supposed lawn is really just a lot of weeds and the yard is not flat at all with bumps and dips all over it.

I'm away for Saturday again at Mittagong.  I wondered about lunch where we pool our offerings.  I went shopping this morning and bought some corned silverside which is now cooking.   I don't do it often although one of my sons cooks it at least monthly.  His children love it.

I mentioned XE currency as a good place to work out exchange rates.  For those of you with iPhones, there is a free app for the site which is easy to download and instal.

Off now to make a once-a-year indulgence - aioli.  Very yum but oh, the kilojoules!

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2paw said...

Oh yes, aioli is very delicious!! Your shawl is looking very nice indeed. I haven't had corned silverside for so long, you have spurred me to pick some up this week!!