Saturday, 30 October 2010

moda noir shawl

So here's the finished shawl, warts and all, as I suggested in the previous post.  Taken on my phone indoor but the colours are reasonably true.  Yarn is Moda Noir from Spitlite on special, so shawl cost less than $5.

I like the colours but probably won't buy more of this yarn, not even for socks.  Down on bottom left, two of the several patches of undyed yarn can be seen.  I suppose I could try and match the colour with a texta or similar but I'm not going to even bother.  This will be used as a scarf or light shoulder throw at home in cool weather.  I'm counting the imperfections as part of the whole deal, meal deal so to speak.  It was done for a specific time and purpose as some relaxation and meditation during an unpleasant period of time when I couldn't concentrate  on anything more complex.  I am planning on looking at progress made when I look  at this and see how far I've come.

In the early stages, the colours lasted more than one row.  As the rows grew longer, the colours changed quite frequently, sometimes even within a row.  When I spread the shawl on the table this morning, I had a surprise.  I suppose it's a  form of pooling, but the shawl is split down the centre spine into a light and a dark side.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Sounds kind of Star Wars: Come to the Dark Side! Looks pretty, even if you don't love it.

2paw said...

It's a what good luck what bad luck kind of shawl. Very weird about the dark side too!!

Rachel said...

That's disappointing about the Noir Yarn, I'm making my 4th pair of socks with it and have never had a problem.
Maybe it was that dyelot, haven't used my ball of your colour yet. Would like to do a shawl in Noir