Friday, 29 October 2010


I re-read yesterday's entry just now.  "Barring something extraordinary" was what I said.  A very silly thing to say too.

This morning I decided I'd clean the fridge and the freezer above it.  It wasn't grubby, just very disorganised.  The boarder here opens lots of things, rarely seals them properly and shoves them back anywhere.  He does teh same with biscuits and soft drinks.  There is actually some rhyme and  reason to the arrangements of things in both fridge and freezer, but it wasn't there this morning.

I had half the bottom section of the freezer tidied, had thrown out nearly finished packets of pastizzi which the boarder had opened, not sealed and the contents, usually just a couple, were freezer burnt and discarded by him.  Ditto to several small cartons of good icecream.  All icy and two had gone sticky.  Suddenly a large packet of frozen meat fell out onto my middle finger of the left hand.  I thought I'd broken it.  It was bruised almost immediately, there was a cut where it had been jammed against an edge and the swelling came up quickly.  Fortunately there was no lack of cold stuff to put on it.  Swelling has gone down mainly but the bruising and cut are still there and it's very difficult to type properly with a bodgy finger.

Don't tell me to talk to the guy.  We sort of tolerate each other.  I've known him for twenty years or so and he's always known everything there is to know about absolutely everything.  DIL gets through to him very occasionally and we've given up complaining to my son.  It puts him in a horrible position.  We've taken six months to stop him putting the good carving knives in the dishwasher as it blunts the edge.  He now has a firm job, so they will ask him to leave soon, I think.

However, I'd blocked the shawl which looks fine all pinned out.  It was fairly wet when I pinned it.  It won't be dry till tomorrow.  Nothing fancy, but it's bigger than I expected.


Jill said...

Ouch indeed. Both for the finger and for the frustrating of plans as a result. At least you'll be boarder-free in a few months.

Look forward to seeing pics of the shawl.

2paw said...

You were tempting Fate!!! It was fortuitous you had something cold to put on your finger, hope it is OK now!!