Saturday, 23 October 2010


Lots of butterflies this morning.  The auction is at 11:30 am.

After consultation with my son, we've set a realistic reserve price to get bidding going.  There are now over a dozen contracts issued and half of them have been changed  to suit particular bidder's needs.  So hopefully, even if they don't all bid or some drop out, there will be enough bidders left prepared to justify their extra legal expenses to ensure lively bidding.  We have also set  a more than reasonable vendors' bid, although hopefully that will be passed quickly.  I just can't tell.  Agent is still not optimistic of as high a price as it could have been with better preparation on my ex-husband's part.

All my sons are coming as support, and win or lose, we'll have either a celebration or a wake afterwards. Actually, whatever it is, win or lose, it is really all win and celebration for me, although tinged with sadness at what could have been and should have been.  However, life can't be lived by saying, "What if..."  Enough philosophising.

I've accepted that que sera, sera,  and have adopted a wait and see attitude.  I will have money, probably enough, and will have more when Mum's house is sold.  I didn't want to have to use that to help buy something, but Sydney real estate is exorbitant and I may have to use some and invest the rest.  Solicitor's fees, agent's commission, conveyancing costs and stamp duty of any future property have to come out of money.

So, now for some coffee.


missfee said...

thinking of you today - all the best for the auction - don't forget to breathe!!

Susan said...

I do hope it goes well for you as I can sense how relieved you'll be when it's all over.

Rose Red said...

I guess it's all over by now, I hope so anyway, and hope you are toasting with some champagne, and feeling a lot of relief.

2paw said...

I'm the same as RR, it will all be over now, so I hope it went well. Either way. I am so glad you had your family there to support you.