Thursday, 14 October 2010


Almost halfway through this month, Blogtoberfest.  I almost forgot today that I needed an entry.

More  done on the shawl which is progressing slowly. The plain knitting is about all I can cope with at the moment.

My former home is halfway through the marketing for selling.  Lots of offers, all ridiculous and I spent much of yesterday answering emails from the agent.  He's obliged by law to submit all written offers so a response was needed.  I hope these translate into a bidding war in ten days or so time.  I'm finding this time at least as stressful as the earlier divorce application.

Good news for the rescue of the miners in Chile.  We no longer have a TV here, although I'll probably buy one when I move out of here, but I've been following the story.  I find it almost impossible to think about being trapped underground so long.

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