Monday, 4 October 2010

who would have thought it - knitting

Well, knitting on a knitting blog.  How strange.  This is the Moda wool, sock wool actually, from Sp*tl*ght the other day.  It's going to be a shawl, a very simple shawl, knit till I run out of wool.

I'm not up to concentrating much at the moment and this will be very simple.  A border of garter stitch, increases on right side rows and purls on the wrong side.  Yarnover, knit 2 together across the row when the fancy takes me.  It's the knitting for when I'm not knitting.  If it's big enough when I run out of wool and cast off, I'll leave it.  Otherwise I'll use a toning colour and pick up some stitches around the edge and make a border.

Saturday was the first open house before my former home goes up for auction later in the month.  DIL thought I ought to go at some time as a form of closure.  So I went with middle son and his three children, eldest is eleven.  I wasn't looking forward to it at all.

There were a lot of people there, which is good.  Some changes were sort of OK, new fence was good.  Some were horrible.  I was undone when I walked into my former bedroom which had been beautiful.  There was my former husband folding clothes.  I thought occupants were asked to leave for such inspections.

I got outside but felt really bad and my eleven year old grandson patted me on the arm telling me everything will be fine.  Rationally, I can agree with him, but I wasn't terribly rational at the time.

So my concentration is currently shot to  pieces.


Sue said...

It must still be so hard for you to deal with. I am sure in time it will be easier to deal with. I hope the knitting provides you with some stress relief and you have a loving family who will support you!

2paw said...

I agree, rationally things are easy to reconcile, but emotionally it is not so easy, it must have been a shock. I hope you are feeling a little recovered.
Nice shawl, I lie that you are yfwd K2togethering whenever you feel like it!!

M-H said...

I'm so sorry this happened. Hang in there; it's nearly over. Would it be possible to ask if you can have a walk through at a time when there's no-one else there, not during an open house? Then you could say goodbye properly.

miss~nance said...

I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant and this is my first visit to your blog. I am hoping to get around to all the blogs this month.I would love you to visit mine


Lauren said...

what a wise little fella. I hope in time you can find peace about it...and by the way the wool you have chosen for the shawl is lovely
all the best with blogtoberfest!