Monday, 22 November 2010

christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat

I had a post scheduled for yesterday, but when I checked late last night, there was nothing.  I have no idea what happened, it definitely was there in the morning.  So here's a bit of reconstruction.

Here's a phone picture of part of the Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.  The publicity says it's more than 24 metres high and there are over 64,000 lights on it.  This is part of it, looking toward the top dome in the roof.  Each candle is made of hundreds of Swarovski crystals.

I like Christmas trees but prefer living trees.  Sadly, both I have are metal sculptures.  I'd rather not have a theme to the colour scheme as I like to use the old traditional ornaments which have been passed down.

Dad was a teacher and we used to finish school then just a few days before Christmas.  We'd go into a bushy area near our house and cut a few pieces of sheoak, casuarina trees.  He would make these into a tree.  They looked great.  Some crepe paper streamers and the cards and the house would be decorated.  Everything was down on the 6th January.  I still adhere to this schedule for my preference.

Mum rarely attended church but was definite that decorations went up after the end of the Advent season. Today, I stick with that and also try to have all purchases made before Advent which starts next Sunday.

I went downstairs in the QVB and saw a window with Victoria's Basement goods in it.  I saw a coffee mug, boxed, in the brand and design which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  My son and DIL gave me  a 12 piece dinner setting plus some extra pieces.  They had it shipped back from Sri Lanka.  I know the prices of that brand.  However, I was horrified at this coffee mug's price.  This is a discount shop.  The mug was $70 for one.

While I was there, I had a look at their nativity scenes. I've always wanted one.  I found one which  had beautiful colours and some modern, flowing shapes to the figures.  It was the last like it and had no box.  The set was marked $199 down to something under $100.  I paid $40 and was happy to do so.  Photos when I put it up.  I wonder about the $199 but I've seen some truly terrible resin sets in bargain shops for $60-70, so I suppose it's possible.

I'm almost down to the end of the stocking stitch part of the new shawl I'm doing.  The second Socks that Rock sock is almost to the heel turn.  Progress.

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Lynne said...

In our family, spring cleaning was done the day after school finished (which was always a Thursday) - all the curtains, Venetians and windows had to be washed (yuk). Only then were we allowed to put up room decorations. The tree was real(bought from and delivered by the greengrocer)and was installed and decorated on Christmas Eve. It came down on 6th January - the twelfth day of Christmas! Those traditions, more or less, continued through my DD's childhood (without the Venetian blinds).