Thursday, 11 November 2010

eye candy

Lots of eye candy here and few words today. These are the skeins from yesterday's entry.

First up is some raspberry from Knitabulous.  This one is bright, very bright.  It's her supersoft merino sock yarn.  I've used this yarn in a shawl before and it's turned out well.  I have  no plans for it yet. However, I often find that when I buy new yarn without a particular plan for it, as I let it simmer in the back of my mind, the right project for it emerges.  I shall let this one simmer, I think.

Then there's the Online sockewool.  Lots of colours here and they look great in the skein.  These I think will be  socks for a friend or perhaps one of my daughters-in-law who has been dropping hints lately that it's been a long time since the last pair of socks.  Her birthday is in March which is next year, almost an age away.  Not really, it's November already.  Probably just plain knitting.  There are a lot of colours here, and I wonder if a pattern would be lost in the colours.  Plain would show off the variety of shades.

Here's the Bella Coola Socks that Rock yarn.  Now the dollar is so high, I would possibly buy from the States.  However, this came from Lynne S at Yarnivorous in a destash sale.  It took only a day in the post from Victoria to Sydney.  That's a lot quicker than it would have been from USA.  I've never been particularly impressed by the speed of their postal service, although my son often buys from eBay there and seems to have no problem.  Amazon purchases take weeks to get here.

Finally the second Socks that Rock skein.  This is Muddy Autumn Rainbow colourway.  Some of the shades are muddy but they all work well together.  Again probably plain socks, I think.

Both the Socks that ROck skeins are medium weight.  They are soft and feel as if they will be pleasant to knit and warm to wear.

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2paw said...

Nice wool that you have acquired. Knitabulous's colours are always lovely. I like that you let the wool simmer till you know what it will be, in the same way sculptors chip away at what shouldn't be there to reveal the sculpture.