Monday, 15 November 2010

home sweet home

It's just before 9:00 am and I've blocked Travelling Woman.  Pictures when dry, possibly tomorrow.  Today's quite different to yesterday.  It's grey and feels cool, although it's 24° which is supposedly the maximum.  I know spring weather is fickle, but really, it's November.  We've had winter temperature days and nights for ages with quite a bit of rain. No complaints about the rain.  This is  a dry country. Yesterday was over 30° here and today the maximum forecast is 24°.  It's that already but the grey is restful, a bit like the colour of Travelling Woman.

I've been following both real estate sites here for ages, just to get a feel for what is around.  Settlement on former home will be mid-January, but DIL suggests it's time to actually physically look at places advertised.  Pictures of course can lie, and agents don't take pictures of less than pleasant rooms.  They also use various lenses to accentuate good points and take their photos from quirky angles.  If there are many outdoor photos in an ad and few of indoors, or if the kitchen and bathroom are not shown, then I wonder why that emphasis.

DIL rang me early on Saturday to say there was a place open for inspection just a few minutes from here.  Photos are shown here.

This is three houses down from a busy intersection with traffic lights.  It's been a rental property and is tired and grubby and needs rejuvenation, as well as some repair work on plaster in the supposed third bedroom.  The kitchen has been done up, although the photo is better than reality.  The ideas used in kitchen are quite good for the space, but cheap and nasty cupboards and benchtops have been used in a quick fix for sale.  The bathroom is good and a really pleasant room.  There is no laundry and the outside photo flatters reality.  The lounge room now is empty of furniture and all the grubbiness is easily seen.

Now have a look at this one.  This is barely five minutes walk from the previous property but the suburb name has changed to one which is regarded more in many terms.  This higher regard shows in real estate prices usually.  This is eight years old, was also a rental for all those years.  It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a fourth toilet. It has covered security garaging for two cars with internal access to the place from garage. This is where I now live and while the place's value has gone up considerably from the purchase price shown, the difference betwen the two places is amazing.

I asked the agent for an estimated price on the place on Saturday.  He said there had been a pre-auction offer of $760,000, well over what was actually paid for this place.  When my home was sold a month ago, it was auctioned.  Before the auction, several offers were made.  Price reached was well over $100,000 more than the highest offer.  That's often the case.

Now I love older homes, high ceilings, character etc.  This place here has high ceilings for a new place.  But really, where's the value in that small place?


m1k1 said...

Real estate pictures! My daughter went to look at a place with what seemed like a lovely back yard. It was a picture of next door's yard that you could see over the fence if you tried hard, and was therefore a 'view'. The actual back of the house was a square of concrete.
Good luck with the search.

2paw said...

Oh my word, real estate is so expensive o the mainland. It makes me glad I live here, where my house cost only $64,000 twenty years ago. Of course now land and houses are worth six times more. Isn't it location, location, location?? I have been looking at some houses with MrsDrWho for her mu and dad. It is fun if it isn't for you!!

Jill said...

Thanks for taking us house-hunting with you. I hope you see some encouraging places over the next few weeks, and that the right-for-you place comes along at just the right time.

Nathalie said...

Few pictures of the insides can be an indicator that the property is rented and the tenants dont want photos taken of their belongings. Sometimes this is the case. Nathalie xx PS Good luck with the house hunting. Its a good idea to start looking now