Wednesday, 3 November 2010

look! up in the sky! it's a bird, it's a plane it's ...

... super grandma to the rescue.

Middle of the day on Sunday and the phone rang.  It was one DIL.  My son was in hospital with excruciating stomach cramps.  Could I please come up and mind Miss Ten and Master Five?  Cause of pain was unknown as was time in hospital.  An elderly neighbour had been minding them for a couple of hours.

I threw things for a couple of days into a case, figuring I could always do some washing if needed. Caught the train to Central, then found there was trackwork on northern line and there were no trains to Newcastle.  Buses only.  So I hurried around and just caught the Central Coast bus.  The trip was pleasant, but so slow.  It took almost two hours, where the train takes a bit over an hour.  Neighbour lady was pleased to see me as they had been getting "a bit restless."  I think they had been threatened with the end of the world by DIL if they misbehaved for her, so they had watched DVDs, coloured in, read stories etc.  We thanked her profusely and when she had gone I took them outside where they ran wild for a couple of hours and wore off some pent-up energy.

The doctors finally decided son had had spasms in bowel muscles and they gave him a muscle relaxant designed to combat such things.  They arrived home early in the evening.  Son was an interesting colour, very ashen but had apparently also been green and white earlier.

He is now recovered and seems to think it was something he ate which did  not move along as it should and gut tried to force it sending itself into spasms trying.

Then yesterday middle son rang. Today was grandparents day at his children's school.  Could I put in an appearance?  So off I trotted, far too early for my liking.  They live quite close to Parramatta but on teh western side and there aren't many trains which stop at their station going west in the morning.  We sorted out a bus from Parramatta which went past the school.  I had 30 minutes to observe three different classes.  That was obviously not going to work, so the eldest told me to omit his class.  He was the stage manager for the concert which followed the observation so was preparing  for that.  He normally handles microphone and sound duties for assemblies there.

There was a book fair in the library.  I hadn't been told about that and had little cash on me,  so had to use my card to buy a book each.  They chose reasonably sensibly, but books which they would enjoy.  The concert was a typical school concert.  The CD player did not always work when needed, the little ones took forever to enter and leave and there was always at least one person whose actions were out of sync with every one else.

Morning  tea followed the concert.  One of my granddaughters is a diagnosed coeliac sufferer and her brother and sister may be.   They certainly function better on a gluten free diet. There was a cake stall and my son had sent suitable biscuits for them .  However no one knew anything about that and no one was prepared to  find them.  Andrew tracked them down and we had the privilege of buying back the biscuits which had already been bought and paid for once at home.

Almost lunchtime and we finished the morning reading what I had bought.  So grandma duties have been duly accomplished for a while.  I suppose end of term activities will be next.  Andrew goes to High School next year and will have a farewell assembly for his class.


M-H said...

No wonder people homeschool kids with dietary issues! My daughter in NZ homeschools her daughter with Type I diabetes because of exactly this kind of stupidity. The regular staff are usually OK, but it only takes only supply teacher to refuse to let her out of the room when she needs to inject herself or have a snack, and disaster could ensue.

2paw said...

Schools I know take great care with children's health and diet- this term they have had Asthma, Autism, Diabetes and Epi-pen seminars after school hours in their own time to attend and also demonstrate competence in. The schools are also nut-free and have a focus on healthy diet and exercise. The schools really try hard to please everyone.
Wow, Jan, you have really been SuperGran!! Assemblies are just the way you describe and usually there's a Prep child asking irrelevant questions loudly too!! Glad your son is OK, it sounds very awful.

yarnivorous said...

Super Mum/Gran to the rescue! Isn't it such a privilege to buy back the bikkies that had already been bought? And I know about doing better on a GF diet...