Monday, 8 November 2010

recalcitrant yarn

I have a skein of very recalcitrant yarn.  It's so bad I've decided it really does not want to be made into anything.  In a way, that's fine - the colours are beautiful those of a beautiful sunrise in summer.  I'd gladly sit and look at it if I had somewhere to display it.

I've had this yarn for some years.  The ball band was discarded on my first attempt to wind it. All I can tell from the wraps per inch test is that it's fingering, which I had guessed anyway.

Some years ago I set out to wind it and was thwarted by the tangle it was in.  So I put it aside.   A week ago I found it again and thought it would be just right for a cowl I had in mind.  So I started to wind it.  What a mess, tangles, knots and even knots in the length of the yarn itself.  Not cut ends and joins, just knots which had to be prised apart and loosened before I could continue with the main tangle. Not only was it tangled, but it was sticky yarn to undo, catching on other threads like mohair.

I spent some hours on it before setting it aside in disgust.  The next day I was called up the coast to mind grandchildren while my son was in hospital in the emergency room.  He's better now, although real cause was just a guess, backed up by good reaction to drugs prescribed.  I took the yarn, thinking I might finish it.  Miss Ten saw it and really wanted to try.  She's very bright and intelligent but has a short attention span, so I let her have a go.  I thought she would not last long at it.  She persevered for an hour and it was finally done.

Through the week I cast on for the cowl.  It's a very simple pattern from a stitch dictionary.  Six rows with inverted "Vs" every few stitches.  Then another six with the next lot of eyelets offset to the first.  I could do it with my eyes shut.  Wrong.  Even with eyes open, I managed to make a mistake somehow and one set of eyelets was in the wrong place all across the row.  This was halfway up the cowl.

I ripped back to before the mistake.  The yarn was sticky and didn't want to be ripped back.  It was quite difficult to see just where to pick things up so I did not make the same mistake again.  I finally frogged the lot.  The yarn has been returned to the stash although I loved the colours and the combination of that and the pattern I had chosen.

On a more positive note... I'm meeting a fellow Raveller from Sydney today.  She needs another skein of Ailsa's (Knitabulous) Tokyo Rose yarn to complete a project.  From photos, mine looks like a match for her yarn.  So we are meeting in a very dangerous place, Morris  & Sons.  Fortunately I'm not in dire need of anything so hope to resist temptation.  If my yarn is good for her, we'll do a trade.  It's very hard to tell from photos.  Red is hard to capture the right colour and monitors make a difference too.

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2paw said...

Oh, how annoying. I know you will find the right project one day. Well done to the clever focused girl who unravelled it!!
Have a lovely meet up with your knitting friend.