Wednesday, 17 November 2010

sri lankan softies

DIL spends at least a month each year in Sri Lanka.  They have bought land there.

She loves "different things."  When newcomers to what her  taste chooses arrive, they are usually wowed by what she currently has as decoration around the place. Apart from books, that is.  Lots and lots and lots of them all over the place.

Things are cheap in Sri Lanka.  She buys a lot of her clothes there and many other things.  We're currently using cutlery from there and they once shipped home for me a full 12 piece dinner service in what is a very well known top quality brand.  It was chosen as a birthday present for me and it's beautiful.  I made sure to take it with me when I left my former home.  It's white with an edging of  crimson and gold.  It's made there and the twelve piece setting, several sizes of plates and bowls and both cups and mugs, together with shipping cost a fraction of the cost here of a six serve service.  So I really have much more than twice as much as a normal service would give.  It was a totally unexpected present too.  Asterix and Tintin books are printed there and are again worth the cost of shipping home as they retail for about $1.50.

So here's some stuff from the latest trip.  I see several bloggers have started to keep chooks in their backyards.  Well, we couldn't do that in the inner west, but we have our own resident chook.  Certainly well bedecked in colourful finery.  She makes her nest on a corner of one of the leather lounges.  She's quite friendly with the snake peering over her shoulder.  He's large, but not as large as they come.  His body goes along the back of the four seater lounge and his tail dangles down the other end of the arm.

An elephant in some form or other usually comes back with her.  She brought a herd of tiny elephants on a coffee mug and this one.  The little splashes of red are hand embroidered french knots with satin stitch leaves.  What about the octopus?  I'm sure some child would love this.  It's very bright and has lot of places to chew.  More of her eclectic taste can be seen in the jar of marbles, all secondhand ones from op shops.  And how about Humphrey?  I did not realise he was in the picture or I would have composed it more carefully and not lopped off his head.

The other four seater lounge opposite the chook's roosting spot has two more toys.  A very colourful and quite comfortable fish shaped cushion and a rhino who stands ready to challenge anyone who might sit in his spot.  We also have lots of linen and some beautiful wall hangings with much detail in them.  They are not up yet.

Now, not from Sri Lanka but Reverse Garbage in Addison Road.  They have a section for exhibitions and this is made entirely from recycled bits and pieces.  The artist who does this makes enormous similar pieces.  There is a light to backlight it.  When you stand in front it's easy to pick out the components, a bit of a blender, a hairbrush etc.  Seen from a distance, it presents a city scape.  It was from an exhibition and she wishes she could have afforded a larger piece.


Sue said...

It sounds as though Sri Lanka is bargain city. My son loves those Asterix books and read everyone in the library. I had completey forgotten about them. The chook looks very colorful and your cutlery set sounds beautiful.

Pink55_Pretty said...

Hello Jan,
Managed to track you down
It's Rhonda and it's so good to see you are still blogging
Think of you often

Jan said...

How lovely to hear from you! Send me an email. address is in my profile. I don't seem to have yours. I was wondering last week where you were. I'll keep poking around. I might have it somewhere.

Jan said...


I found an old email, but it's bounced so please email me instead.