Thursday, 18 November 2010


I'm now well down the foot of the first sock from the Socks That Rock yarn I bought from Lynne.  The cuff is shown in the post below.

It's called medium weight and is knitting up really well.  I haven't managed to split the wool with the needle at all yet.  I'll put in a photo later if I get it done in time.

When I started, I grabbed the needles from the upside down cone of wool where I normally store  the most used dpns, saves burrowing for them.  I was part way down the rib when I realised these were longer needles than my knitpicks, although they were a fairly similar colour.  I had another look.  I was given 2.75 rosewood dpns a few years ago, and it was these I was using.  Actually the fabric is great.  It's firm and strong without being stiff.

In other good news - I bought a new denim skirt the other day.  Just a straight one with pockets.  Nothing fancy at all.  I'd had one for years and when I moved out three years ago, threw it out as it was entirely disreputable.  What pleased me was that this was a size down from what I normally wear.  What's more, it is loose although I think the next size would be too small at the moment.  I need to find a belt as it's slipping down.  This is knee length and easy to wear.  I have two others and they are longer, not really comfortable for just around the house.

I've done nothing in particular to cause this except trying to walk a bit more every day.  Two more sizes down and I'll be very happy.  I think it's possibly all bound up with tying up old threads and looking for new beginnings to my life.  No walking for the last week.  My feet have been very sore and swollen and I think an elephant kicked my ankle, it's been impossibly sore, beyond even touching.

I'd rather not call it losing weight and it's certainly not dieting.  As someone once said, if weight is "lost," then it's all too easy to "find" it again!

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