Sunday, 14 November 2010

travelling woman wears grey

This lovely ball of squishiness is from K1M1 at A little bit crafty.  Squishy is hardly the word, it's beautiful to feel, so very, very soft.  This is about 940 metres of laceweight cashmere.  100 grams.

The patterns in my Knits from the North Sea book which is on order, use laceweight for most of them, so I think I will very likely find something which will go well with this yarn there.  There's plenty of yarn so I won't be stopped by not having enough.  Thank you very much, I love it.

The book Little Women and others in the series were favourites of mine when I was younger.  I remember reading about dresses in "dove grey silk."  Well this isn't silk but the true colour is just a bit lighter than shown here, dove grey.  It's a  mix of merino and cashmere. I can imagine Meg wearing this a a shawlette around her shoulders.  This is hot off the needles and you see it unblocked.  Blocking will add some size to it.  I think this is the third Travelling Woman shawl I have done.  The others were in thicker 8 ply so were larger.  I may possibly have had enough yarn to do a third repeat of  the first chart, but i wasn't sure, so I've kept to the smaller size.

Blocking tomorrow if it's still fine.  If the temperature is anything like today's, it won't take long to dry.


2paw said...

I still love Little Women, and cry when the sad parts come. Have you read March?? I can't remember if you have ever written about it? The shawl would be perfect for Meg and it s lovely!!

Rachel said...

I've recently downloaded little Women to my phone, so this gives me inspiration to read it.

Love the Travelling woman shawl, may get to it one day