Thursday, 25 November 2010

with silver bells and cockleshells

Here is a picture of the Kouyou shawl in progress.  I'm using Bendigo Classic 8 ply in colour maize which is more golden than shows here.  There are  over 200 stitches now and the centre spine, shown here has been discontinued.

This is about a third of the way through the lacy edge, 16/47 rows done now.  When the edging is done there is a cast off involving not only casting off but also increasing to make pronounced points on the shawl.

The pattern is quite easy but definitely requires that I pay attention to it.  My stitch count was right a few rows back but I had missed a yarnover in one place and had actually allowed one somewhere else.  So count was right but stitch placement was totally out. It took me a while to find it and I had to unpick quite a long way.

My latest book arrived a few days ago, but I forgot to photograph it.  The patterns are lovely and I'm happy with it.  The charts are a reasonable size to follow.  Often when I photocopy a book pattern to use when knitting, I have to enlarge the page to get a clear copy of the chart.  These charts are fine.

As I said, the patterns are pretty but the photos look dated.  Something about the hairstyles and also about the posing of the models make the book   look older than it is.  Imprint date is 2009.  I found I needed to look past the actual photos to consider the pattern of the piece without prejudice.

The second photo shows the Cockleshell shawl.  It's done in 4 ply fingering and again there's a dated look to the photo.

A couple of days ago, I and several others from Sydney met a woman from a forum I frequent.   She and her husband were out here from Aberdeen in northern Scotland to attend a family wedding.  I gave her the Travelling Woman shawlette from a few entries down.  She liked it very much.  The wedding is  today, a lovely day as the strong winds here in Sydney have dropped somewhat.  There were to be five Scotsmen in kilts in the wedding party.

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2paw said...

The photos don't look very modern, maybe they are going for the retro look. How unlucky to miss a YO and then make on. Pain in the neck to spot that until you've done a few rows, but it looks lovely, I am imagining it more golden and I know you will love the points!!!