Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 journals

There's not a lot of knitting going on around here but I hope to remedy that soon.  I started the Shur'tugal sock from the sock club I joined.  I wasn't looking forward to it as I had used the left and right twist stitches a lot last year and hated them.  I tried.  Really I did.  I did about 10-12 cm of the pattern down the leg and gave up.

Knitting to me is for relaxation, stress relief - that sort of thing.  I was hating every moment  of the sock, although I like the finished article.  Just loathed the process. My tension was getting ever tighter, but it was when I realised that my hands were sore and aching and the fingers were twinging that I came to my senses.  I ripped out the pattern and am doing an easy feather and fan I could do in my sleep.  I'm using the same yarn, some of Ailsa's beautiful merino in a colour called Emerald Isle.  My tension is still tight but the knitting is now resuming the stress relief rather than stress provoking which it was doing earlier.  I'm glad I stopped.  I came home yesterday to here of the death of someone from a forum I frequent.  One of the behind the scenes people who kept the show on the road had died suddenly.  An in memoriam thread was started and now there are many hundreds of posts  on it.

If you get a chance, see The King's Speech.  It is a very good film indeed and deserves the rave reviews it's getting.  Both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are superb.  Helena Bonham Carter's role is not as important but is also played well.  I went with a friend and we enjoyed Vietnamese before the film and a good coffee after, along with a long chat.  A very pleasant afternoon till I arrived home and heard of Erin's death.

Last year was the year of Moleskine journals and notebooks for me.  The pale pink Moleskine has been well used, the other not quite so much.  Knitting notes and ideas, knitting records and so on.  And a whole lot more.  The smaller notebook shown here is unused but its twin lives in my bag.  Strong and easy to slip into the bag.  Lots of notes have gone into it.

This year I fell for Paperblank journals.  These are beautiful and very well made.  Both these covers are illustrations from the Book of Kells.  They are embossed and there is  much detail.  Lots of other styles available in the series from Tiffany glass, to leather and wildflowers.  These are lined, although unlined are also available.  They are handstitched and open perfectly flat.  A joy to look at and to touch.


2paw said...

I am sad to read the news about your friend.
I hope to see The King's Speech, if it actually screens here...
Nice journals, the Book of Kells is beautiful, I have seen pictures and I think there was an animated children's film made about it.
I don't like twisted stitches either. Good idea to do something that is finger friendly and you like!!

Mary Beth said...

"met" you through Songbird's blog. I am so glad to be reminded of the importance of posture and resting in knitting (and other things!) Look forward to reading you more. Wishing you the best for the new year!