Wednesday, 12 January 2011

from the granny square, a granny square

Not much to show around here at all as it's rather hard to take a photo of indecision.

I'm working my way down the foot of the sock substitute for Shur'tugal.  I knew when I chose a very basic pattern for this that I would be bored with it.  I am.  However, the other pattern with all its twists was infuriating me and stressing me completely.  Ailsa's yarn is, as always, lovely to use.  It's knitting from the stash so that has to be good too.

In an attempt to liven myself up, I started another shawl with some of Ailsa's 50/50 merino and silk.  Again lovely to use.  However, I've tried four patterns and think I'm doing Travelling Woman again.  My mind has certainly been travelling here, there and everywhere.

So we're almost halfway through January, (yipes!) and what do I have to show for it?  A narrow knitted belt in Ecowood cotton and this facecloth.  I truly have joined the dark side.  This is crocheted, just to see if I remembered what to do.  It's more Granny Square cotton but is a cheaper brand, Sugar and Cream I think.  I carefully kept the ball band but it must be somewhere hidden on my desk.  I thought that something completely different like this might be a kickstart.  I would never have imagined myself making either facecloths or dishcloths.

Then yesterday I realised the deep seat of why I felt like this.  Settlement is due on my house sale next Monday.  I'm sure everything will go through just fine, but I've been looking for places and discarding them.  So the patterns have also been discarded.  This too will pass, as the saying goes.

I had good news today.  My legal bill which comes out of the settlement is much less than I expected.  Some thousands of dollars less.  It's still well under the average cost for the proceedings and I'm very grateful.  I doubt whether my ex-husband will be as happy.   He changed solicitors three, if not  four times and would have had to go over things all those times.  Still, that comes out of his share.  I'm looking at three places on Saturday and am hopeful one will suit me.


M-H said...

The end of one part of your life and the beginning of the next. How exciting! I hope you can find something soon that suits you.

2paw said...

Very clever post title today!! I like your crocheting, I don't think it is the Dark Side at all, it's very pretty. It's too hot here to do much knitting. I took one look at all the twisted stitches in that sock pattern and gave it a wide berth!!
That's good financial news and I hope the new week brings some settlement to your mind too.

Melinda said...

All the best with the house hunting.
I've dropped in to 'The Granny Square' shop in Newtown once but it was still being set up. I do miss Champion Textiles.

Rachel said...

Good Luck with your house hunting and you are to finally settle somewhere soon.