Monday, 31 January 2011

hot, hot, hot

Would all those who said they were missing a Sydney summer,please stop missing it right now.  We've had some very  humid days and now the heat has also struck  36° forecast for the Sydney area and more in the western suburbs is tomorrow's forecast and so it goes on till next Monday!

DIL said this to me a couple of weeks ago and I said I didn't care if it never climbed over 30°.  We've had a lot of grey days and damp weather.  I think what she was really missing was the sunshine.  30° and sunny with a breeze is lovely.  36-40+° is not lovely at all.

I've looked over January's output.  Not much, not much at all.  One long narrow belt in organic cotton with a tassel each end.  Two socks of different designs.  Ripped out - one Shur'tugal sock which made my fingers ache and gave my brain nightmares. Part of two shawls.  Tossed aside - lots of ideas discarded and also a pile of motivation.

I'm working in the mornings on another sock, the mate to one of the above.  It won't be finished this month.  Perhaps February will see it done and perhaps my brain will now settle down.  Second cheque should go into my account tomorrow for a much smaller sum, my share of the deposit and interest on that.  I've instructed my solicitor to get moving on an exchange of contracts on an apartment.  I doubt he'll find anything to worry about in the strata report or the contract itself.

DIL brought home an Ikea catalogue and I've been perusing it while sock knitting.  Lemon squeezers?  Tick.  Spatulas? Tick.

I'll leave you with something my youngest son sent in an email:

That’s A Very Good Point

Craft Store | London, UK
Customer #1: “What size needles do I need to use?”
Customer #2: “Well, it depends on the tension of your knitting.”
Customer #1: “Oh, I’m quite loose.”
Customer #2: *laughs* “I wouldn’t say that in this town. You might get in trouble.”


Sue said...

The weather and humidity have been awful here in Melbourne too. 25 is perfect for me with a breeze. Hope everything goes well with your apartment!

2paw said...

I have been seeing the high temperatures and it must be horrid. I am glad we had just a warm day and rain today, but it will be hotter here, but not 40*!!
No much knitting here either, I don't think Summer is conducive to knitting.