Friday, 28 January 2011

very relieved

House settlement went through late yesterday afternoon and a very large cheque has been paid into my account.  I'm very relieved and thankful that this is finally almost over.  I'm still waiting for my share of the large deposit which has been in a high interest account for 98 days.  That should be available on Monday or Tuesday, but the bulk has been paid.  Of course, I can't access it yet, despite a bank cheque.  The bank plays on the short term market while passing a few days off as time for clearing the cheque. Grrrr.

Not only that, but commission for agent comes out of that cheque and all my legal fees and bits and pieces have been paid in full.  That's a load off my shoulders.

Will be at my solicitor on Monday to start pushing purchase.

There are many who've offered support over the last three and a half years years.  Thank you sounds so inadequate but it is indeed heartfelt.  I've really appreciated the support and encouragement .

I'm looking forward to a new start and indeed it will be new.  I have books, clothes, some treasures but nothing like a fridge or bed or lounge.  Much of that in the past was given and not of my choosing.  While I won't have money to burn now, I will have enough to get what I like.


m1k1 said...

excellent news. and did you find your neck and shoulders suddenly much more relaxed from the release of the tension? may your home and contents buying be full of enjoyment.

2paw said...

What fabulous news, I am very glad to read it You will have such fun being able to choose for yourself. It is a nice feeling to know you are able to make your own decisions!!