Tuesday, 15 February 2011

the last of the mohicans

When I heard that Ailsa at Knitabulous was having all her 50/50 reduced, I decided that I just had to be in at the end of this wonderful yarn.  I had decided that with moving and all that entailed, that I would knit from stash for at least a while longer.  It wasn't the money it was just extra stuff to move. However, I love this blend and couldn't miss out on it as it's being discontinued from her supplier.

DIL brought home the bag from the PO box and here's my haul.

  • pine/lime splice, 125 gm, 500m
  • salsa verde, 118gm 472m
  • fuchsia kiss, 127 gm, 508m
  • iron red,123gm, 492 m.  Slightly more ferrous oxide colour than shown here.  Lovely.
  • miss magenta, two balls, total weight 331g actually 231 gm, total length 928m.  My brain is too tired to add properly.  Ooops.
But that's not all, as the salesman used to say.  An email came a week or so after the news of the demise of the 50/50.  Ailsa had secured another 50 skeins and would hand dye them to order in groups of colours. We could choose between two and up to five skeins.  Well, that was a no- brainer, no choice for me at all. I ordered another five skeins in jewel colours and they will come later in the year in a few weeks time.

Just look at my list above.  See how generous her 100gm skeins are?  Lots of extra to go into scarves or shawls.  And a final surprise of a housewarming present was tucked in too.  Is it any wonder that I buy from her?  Great service, amazing colours, beautiful yarns and a generous spirit.

I haven't done much knitting for a few days and picked up the shawl again this afternoon.  I kept making stupid mistakes.  I'm tired.  I ended the week with a mammoth effort of babysitting and was very late to bed on Friday night.  From Saturday till this morning I have been shepherding a Canadian visitor around town and up to the Blue Mountains and other touristy destinations.  He's in a wheelchair and hasn't walked for thirty years after a nasty car accident.  I'm tired and my arms ache too.  I've arranged meals with other friends, car trips etc.  I'm  looking forward to a good sleep tonight although the days have been good meeting up with others.

Exchange went through last Thursday and settlement is theoretically six weeks away.  However, tenants moved out today and there are a few things to be done.  I'm guessing it might be the end of next week or so.  I'll move gradually as I want things like a fridge delivered before I move in properly.


Aussie Maria said...

They are beautiful colours, how could you resist :-)

Meowmie said...

Good luck with the exchange and a smooth handover. Hope you get some good sleep.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous yarn colours! Almost good enough to eat.

Will you be allowed to move things in before settlement? DD's house stood empty from viewing through exchange to settlement and they weren't allowed to go on the property at all!

Jan said...

Hi Lynne,
Settlement may well be earlier than the six weeks. I don't think I would want to move stuff before then. Some people pay rent to move early, but I don't need to get out of here on any date in particular, so won't do that.

Withut a rent agreement there is potential for legal problems from either side of the deal.